Revamp Your Home: Top Trends in Bathroom Renovation

If you are looking for Bathroom Renovation ideas, it’s important to take current home design trends into account. While you want to follow your creative mind to create a bathroom you love, you will also want to consider the investment you are making in your home in terms of future buyers. Here are our top  Bathroom Renovation ideas that are sure to add enjoyment and value to your home.

Floating Vanities

Instead of doing the whole cabinetry on the floor, if you hang the vanity on the wall, it can work wonders in terms of saving space. Why cover up half the wall with cabinetry when you can show off more marble or granite? With plenty of open space underneath, you have room for a toddler’s step stool or a grandmother’s walker or wheelchair. And that means happier washing for all.

Walk In Showers

There are many advantages to having a walk-in shower over a traditional one, such as It is easy to clean! since most of the surfaces are flat and there are fewer corners or areas with less dirt or grime buildup. It takes less time to clean the glass walls and tiled floors as there are fewer crannies and nooks to scrub compared to a traditional bathroom. While tub or shower combinations are traditionally limited to a shower curtain, walk-in showers open up the possibilities for a variety of enclosure design options.

Eco-Friendly Faucet

The eco-friendly faucet reduces the amount of water being used while washing hands by up to 95% within the same time limit as a conventional faucet. This design incorporates the method of atomizing water in a new and efficient way.

Artistic Tiles

More and more homeowners are discovering artistic tiles as their type. These tiles have easy upkeep, which is another benefit, They are also able to endure harsh UV heat better than other materials. An excellent tile is a stone, as it can make your bathroom feel cool during the summer and warm in the winter.

Statement Bathtubs

Consider your lifestyle and bathing habits. If you rarely find yourself taking baths or prefer showers, allocating space to a tub may not be a priority. On the other hand, if you enjoy regular soaks and find relaxation in a bath, a tub sounds like it would be an essential feature for you. If you have elderly people in the house, traditional bathtubs can pose challenges for individuals with mobility issues. In such cases, opting for a barrier-free shower or a walk-in tub with safety features might be a more practical choice.

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