6 Amazing Advantages Of Embedding Social Media Feeds For Your Business

In today’s digital landscape, brands are moving towards online stores like social media platforms and websites. The competition for maintaining a significant online presence gets even more fierce with a new website coming up every day. From digital channels, brands want to drive traffic because the global audience is immersed in social media platforms. Social media has been extremely successful & beneficial for brands. 

It gives you an extra advantage over your competitors when you embed social media feeds on website, which can make your website maintain a notable online presence. These social media feeds display the content and offer you an ample amount of customization options that Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook widgets don’t have. Read this blog to learn more about social media feeds and the benefits of social media platforms for your business. 

Key Advantages Of Embedding Social Media Feeds On Website 

More than 27% of marketers find it challenging to produce enough content according to reports. When you embed social media feeds on your website, it can help you face the challenge better. Here are some of the key benefits of embedding social media feeds on website

1. Grow Your Social Influence 

The major goal of brands is to grow the number of followers on different social media platforms. You can achieve that goal by showcasing engaging and interesting content on your website. On your website, when you integrate social media feeds, you integrate your social media presence with your digital presence. 

On your website, when you showcase social media posts from multiple channels, your website visitors come to know of your social media presence which they might have been unaware of earlier. This will assist in driving more traffic to your social media accounts and increase the number of followers on the social media accounts. 

2. Improve SEO Of Website 

When you add social media posts on your website with the help of a social media widget, you are displaying your website visitors content that is relevant, engaging, and interesting. Your visitors will automatically be engaged in the content because we all know how addictive are social media posts. 

On your website, embedding social media feeds helps you to increase the relevancy of your website content making it more engaging for your visitors. This will reduce the bounce rate by increasing their dwell time. You will get more click-through rates if your website visitors will stay on your website. 

3. Building Trust By Leveraging UGC

Building trust and credibility among their users is essential for brands, especially on digital platforms like websites and social media. Security concerns and brand distrust are two major issues among a large segment of users. To tackle this channel, user-generated content is the perfect solution as it is a trustworthy, authentic, and reliable form of content among users. 

You can leverage all the relevant and valuable user-generated content around your brand from social media by using your social media feed. To foster trust, develop credibility, and boost the reliability of your brand, you can display user-generated content around your brand. You can display the user experience like reviews, positive content, and brand advocacy, on your website that users share about your brand. 

4. Generate Conversions By Showing Social Proof 

On your website, when you show social media feeds, you’re selecting to showcase user-generated social media content for your brand to your visitors. This is your social proof. The higher the chances of your converted visitors depending on how much better you showcase social proof to your brand. 

If you’re an e-commerce selling products and services, then one of the best marketing decisions for you is to embed user-generated social media posts. Social trust is being generated by user-generated content. You will get improved sales and conversion rates for your business. 

5. Amplify Conversions And User Experience 

User experience is a massive influencer of their engagement and trust in a website or a brand. When you add a social media feed to the website into a single feed from diverse social media, website visitors get to see different content that intensifies their browsing experience. On web pages, users tend to have 90% more time that feature UGC galleries because trust and engagement are correlated to conversions and sales. 

6. Develop Engagement And Enhance Organic Reach 

Your website visitors engage when you show embedded social media posts on your website. Your respective social media profiles are even directed where they engage with your posts through likes, comments, and shares. The higher the engagement of users with your social media content, the higher the probability of it showing up in the top positions.

To engage more with your social media posts, showing embedded social media feeds on your website prompts your users. However, your organic reach is also boosted. The social media posts are so interesting that your website visitors are automatically attracted to these posts and find themselves engaged in them. This will help you in creating a positive brand image for your business. 

Final Note!

If you leverage it perfectly, social media platforms are a hub of opportunities for any business or brand. You can embed social media feeds on your website to grab these opportunities. It activates the social content after embedding to drive your website performance and it increases return on investment. You can get amazing benefits by embedding social media feeds on your website and growing your business. What are you waiting for, let’s get started! 


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