Migrating as an Engineer from Dubai to Australia: Your Comprehensive Guide

Australia is one of the countries that is very famous for providing skilled immigration to individuals.  If you are in Dubai and want to apply for Australian Immigration as an Engineer, you need to be very careful while choosing your immigration consultant in Dubai in order to apply for the right visa.

Australia has opened the door for many highly educated individuals to start their careers and explore as many opportunities as they can. Australian authorities are well organized in terms of their rules and regulations, security measures, high standard of living, immigration policies, and stability in economic conditions for both permanent residents and those who are skilled workers (on a temporary basis).

If you are an Engineer and want to migrate to Australia from Dubai, then you need to meet the basic criteria first, which include your educational degrees and certificates, relevant working experience, and language proficiency. Once you meet the required criteria then, you will be eligible to migrate to Australia.

3 Steps to Follow as an Engineer to Migrate to Australia

Make sure you have done your research according to your requirements. If still need any help, then search the list of immigration consultants in Dubai. You can select any and contact one of them for brief information.

1. Skilled Migrants Category:

In Australia, the government is seeking skilled engineers (workers) from other countries with a lot of experience and skills. Candidates will be assessed on the basis of the skills they have. Once you qualify for this, then you can apply for the Skilled Migrant Category.

However, you have a chance to get a visa if you are on the shortage list of skilled workers. This list shows that your relevant expertise in the field is in demand and gives you benefits. The government of Australia updates this list from time to time to get an idea of where the economy needs more skilled workers and other highly educated individuals to fill the empty seats, so if you are on this short list, then you can easily migrate from Dubai to Australia.


2. Point Assessment Criteria:

Score calculation criteria are based on different factors, which give you bonus points for eligibility. These factors include the age of the candidate, working experience, qualification, and proficiency in the English language.  You can avail more scores if any of your relatives are living in Australia, you have work experience in Australia or you are sponsored by natives. 

These are the factors that help you to add up your points for your immigration application as an engineer to migrate from Dubai to Australia.


3. Skill Assessment as an Engineer:

There are specific skills assessment authorities in Australia to check and match up your skills with the skills they need in their country. The standard requirement of this department needs to be fulfilled in order to complete the process. You need to contact the skill assessment authority for assessment purposes to match your occupation, experience, and education.

After this, there is EOI (Expression of interest), which is a process where applicants who qualify for immigration are invited to apply for the visa. It will approximately take 4-8 months for EOI to respond.

As an Engineer, the important part of your application is your qualification, the field in which you qualified, and the institute from which you specialized.


Once your Australian Skilled immigration visa is issued, you and your family do not require any other documents to show for staying in Australia. You can apply for a Permanent resident visa afterward.



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