The Ultimate Guide to Book and manage your trip with American Airlines!

Are you looking to change or modify your flight to America for any reason? In this case, you can go with American Airlines Manage Booking. Through this option, you can change or modify flights, select seats, add baggage, cancel, and much more. You can get the Manage My Booking facility online on the America Airlines website. Here you can easily manage American Airlines bookings using ticket confirmation number or passenger’s last name. You can also access it through phone calls.

The Benefits of Manage Booking on American Airlines

American Airlines booking manage option on the American Airlines official website offers a variety of benefits, giving you complete control over your travel arrangements. Here are some key benefits of this option.

  1.     Cancel or Change Airlines flight booking: You can modify or cancel your American Airlines flight booking effortlessly through American Airlines managed booking.
  1.     Manage American Miles and Upgrades: With the manage booking option, you can keep track of your American Airlines miles and other upgrades.
  1.     Access American Airlines Account: Manage booking options of American Airlines to let you access and manage your American Airlines account at your convenience, including viewing airline loyalty program status and benefits.
  1.     Request Baggage Allowance, Refunds, and In-flight Services: American Airlines Booking Management allows you to manage requests for excess baggage allowance, refunds, and in-flight services.
  1.     Book New Reservations and Explore Offers: The manage booking option lets you find out new travel opportunities in America and exclusive offers based on your reservation.
  1.     View, Print, or Share Itineraries: This option helps you with hassle-free travel planning by accessing and sharing your booking itineraries.
  1.     Redeem Miles for Upgrades: with the option, you can use your advantage miles for upgrading.
  1.     Modify Passenger Information: America Airlines manage booking helps you to update the names of passengers, contact details, or email addresses effortlessly.
  1.     Make Group AA Bookings: With AA Manage My Booking, you can plan your group trips with ease.

American Airlines Manage Booking with the Official Website

If you want to change your itinerary or modify or cancel your American flight, please do it through “Manage Booking” on the official American Airlines website. The steps are clearly outlined below 

  • First, you need to open the American Airlines site.
  • Then, log in to your account, and continue Manage Booking. Simply click on Plan Travel where you will find the drop-down menu. Select your trip from the trip.
  • Next, you are asked to submit your credentials.
  • If you do not have an account on the American Airlines website, then you need to use AA to manage your booking to continue. 
  • Now you are asked to enter your flight details for your America trip. 
  • The details you need to include are: Six-digit record locator or ticket number. Passenger’s full name as per booking. If you don’t find the record locator, search for the registered email ID. The record locator can be found in the confirmation email received.
  • After that, you have to click on the option “find your trip”. It allows you to identify the flight you need to change or cancel. 
  • Here, you have to change your itinerary.
  • Here apart from flight change, you will find many more options like Date change, Destination change, passenger name change, Seat number change, upgrade Cabin, upgrade, purchases Extra baggage Meal change, Flight rescheduling/rebooking, Redeeming travel credits, Requesting refund, Purchasing add -on services, etc.
  • You can make your desired changes and safely proceed to the next step. Moreover, the website will redirect you to the checkout page.
  • On this page, you’ll find your total travel funds, whether there will be any additional charges, whether there will be any change and/or cancellation fees, and whether there will be a fare difference between your old and new flights.
  • With this option, you can get a refund, redeem any travel credit you have, and pay at the check-out page.
  • Finally, you will complete the process by completing the payment.

American Airlines Manage Booking Options

Besides the American Airlines booking manage, there are various personalization options that you can make with the Manage Booking option. Explore some of the key choices :

Select Your Seats:

Choosing preferred seats with American Airlines managed booking is one of the easiest processes:

After visiting the official American Airlines website, you have to click on the “My Trip/Check-in” option available on the homepage. Then you are asked to enter the name of the passengers and flight booking confirmation number. Next, you are directed to the manage booking page where you can find the seat selection option. You should choose your desired seat from the drop-down list. Finally, your seat selection will be done. 

Flight Change beyond 24 Hours:

If you want to change or modify your flight 24 hours in advance, you need to use the American Airlines Manage booking option on their official website.

Log in to the airline’s official website, select “Change Flights,” then you need to find out new flight, and lastly you have to pay applicable fees or fare differences to confirm changes. If your flight is in the next 24 hours, you need to print the new boarding pass

American Airlines Baggage Policy

You can access the American Airlines baggage policy with the manage booking option. Here are key points

  •         No Weight Restriction: Unlike other airlines, American Airlines generally does not impose weight restrictions on checked baggage. But you need to make sure that the bag meets the specified size or weight level.
  •         Additional Items: You can easily carry various items other than standard luggage such as medical devices, baby nappy bags, musical instruments, etc.
  •         Pets: American Airlines allows carrying your pets on certain flights. It is important to ensure pets you are carrying can stand, sit, or lie down. To check your pet you need to pay a $200 fee.


American Airlines manage booking option is a user-friendly tool available. With this, you can easily change your trip, be it through seat selection, online check-in, or seat change. Almost all policies of American Airlines care about customers.


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