Kevin Ware Incident: What Happened To Him?

Kevin Ware is a famous American basketball player whose journey on the court has been inspiring. But his flourishing career came to a halt when he got severely injured in 2013. Although it’s been ten years since the incident, it is hard to forget that gruesome incident that shocked everyone at the game.

So, what happened to Kevin Ware? Some people can know about Kevin Ware’s injury. Don’t worry; we have all the details you need to know.

What Happened to Kevin Ware?

Kevin Ware, a Louisville guard, got a terrible injury at the NCAA Tournament against Duke. This incident was so shocking that it made Ware famous all over the internet within a few hours.

Ware, who played a supporting role in the team, became the main focus in sports when he suffered the injury during the Cardinals’ Elite Eight matchup against Duke.

Although Louisville managed to move on to the Final Four, the severity of Ware’s injury dampened the mood of his teammates and everyone else at the match.

So, what exactly happened to Kevin Ware? Apart from the disturbing images circulating on the internet following Ware’s injury, the most shocking thing was how the entire sequence seemed.

Ware leaped high to contest a shot and was incorrectly on the ground, causing his leg to break. The injury was so graphic that his leg bone could be seen protruding out of his skin.

According to various online sources, Ware landed at an awkward angle, putting all the pressure on his right leg. It is what led to the gruesome injury that people couldn’t forget even ten years later.

Within moments of Ware hitting the ground, his teammates reacted in horror. Some even turned their faces away because they couldn’t bear seeing the sight before them. People at the court were upset, too, and prayed for his recovery.

If you are curious, you can see videos of Kevin Ware injury on the internet. The clips show Ware’s leg snapping upon landing. You will also find a graphic that shows his exposed tibia bone.

Ware said he was stretchered off, which caused him to break his bone. Luckily, he recovered from his injury and is now back on the court.

So, now you know what happened to Kevin Ware and how it happened. Injuries in sports are common, but not the kind that happened to Ware. His full recovery is nothing less than a miracle.

Kevin Ware Injury Recovery Timeline

Now, let’s take a look at Kevin Ware’s injury timeline.

  • 31st March 2013: Ware’s Undergoes Surgery

On this day in 2013, Kevin Ware underwent a two-hour surgery to address his severe injury. The focus was repairing the fracture, resetting the bone, and securing it with rods. It helped him heal in just a few months.

  • 8th April 2013: Ware Celebrates With Louisville

While recovering, he traveled to Atlanta to join his Louisville teammates for the national championship game against Michigan. 

His teammates were determined to win the championship for Ware, ultimately securing the title with a victory over the Wolverines.

Even on crutches, Ware fully participated in the championship celebration. His teammates helped him partake in the tradition of cutting the net.

  • 6th November 2013: Return to Competitive Basketball 

Ware made his basketball comeback during a game against Pikeville. He showcased his skills with four rebounds and six points in limited action.

  • 15th November 2013: Regular-Season Return 

On this day, Ware made his regular-season return in a Cardinals’ victory over Cornell. He contributed two rebounds, five points, and one assist in this match.

  • 9th January 2014: Ware Decides To Redshirt 2013-14 Season

After playing in seven more games, he decided to redshirt the 2013-14 season, aiming to maintain two years of eligibility. Unfortunately, Louisville ended up losing against Kentucky in the Sweet Sixteen.

  • 12th April 2014: Transfer to Georgia State 

Ware announced his decision to transfer to Georgia State. The NCAA granted him a waiver, allowing immediate eligibility. He participated in 65 games across two seasons with the Panthers.

  • March 2015: Sun Belt Conference Tournament MVP 

Ware’s arrival at Georgia State coincided with a remarkable period for the Panthers. Not only did they make it to the NCAA Tournament, but they also caused a stir with a first-round upset of No. 3 Baylor. 

Before entering the tournament, Ware played a crucial role in securing the Sun Belt Conference Tournament MVP title. He scored five rebounds and 18 points in the championship game, helping the Panthers win over Georgia Southern.

Final Words

What happened to Kevin Ware? His leg injury is one of the scariest accidents in basketball history. Despite a significant injury, he recovered quickly and returned to the court. At present, he is completely fine and playing.

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