In-Flight Wellness: Staying Healthy on Bangalore to Pune Flights

In-Flight Wellness: Staying Healthy on Bangalore to Pune Flights


The cuisines and flavours of South India are renowned, but nutritious airline food can be lacking. Still, careful advanced planning and smart choices are key to healthy eating even on short 1.5 hour Bangalore to Pune flights. Research menus online ahead of time and pre-book Hindu, vegetarian or low-fat meals. Carry fresh fruits like bananas or apples and trail mixes or roasted chickpeas to snack on. 

Stay hydrated with water and avoid heavily sugared juices or sodas. If buying onboard, choose low-fat hot entrees with rice and veggies over fried snacks or heavy curries. Paying attention to nutritious food choices will keep you feeling energetic and healthy as you jet between these two bustling cities.

Healthy Travel Tips

The importance of drinking water and avoiding dehydration The dry air in airline cabins can quickly lead to dehydration, causing fatigue, headaches, and impaired concentration. Be sure to drink 8 ounces of water for every hour of flight time. Avoid diuretics like coffee, tea, or alcohol, which promote fluid loss. Bring an empty bottle through security to fill up once inside the terminal. Staying proactively hydrated is key to feeling energised and healthy during and after short flights between Bangalore and Pune.

While jet lag may seem irrelevant on quick regional flights, the one hour time difference between Bangalore and Pune can disrupt internal rhythms. Fatigue and diminished cognitive ability are common temporary jet lag symptoms. Avoiding heavy aeroplane meals and napping at unusual hours can intensify that disjointed feeling upon arrival. Readjust your watch to the new zone, stick to small snacks, and wait until night to sleep deeply. These tricks help minimise jet lag’s effects, even during brief air hops.

Sitting immobile for over an hour stiffens joints, strains the lower back, and slows blood circulation. But even subtle exercises without standing up can alleviate onboard body stress. Rotate ankles and flex feet to activate leg blood flow. Stretch your arms overhead, then behind your back to open your chest. Drop your chin gently to your chest, then side to side to release neck tightness. Discreetly engaging muscle groups promotes circulation for better comfort and energy on descent.

In-Flight Fitness

To avoid discomfort from sitting for over an hour on short Bangalore to Pune cheap flights, incorporate subtle exercises without even standing up. Rotate your ankles and flex your feet to boost circulation to your legs. Stretch arms overhead, then reach back behind the seat to open up the chest. Gently drop your chin down towards your chest, then tilt side to side to release neck tightness. These easy movements engage muscle groups for better comfort.

Sitting completely still can lead to body stiffness and even the risk of blood clots. But maintaining circulation is possible even while seated on quick regional jet hops. Tap your feet frequently, contract and release calf muscles, and wiggle toes to activate leg blood flow. Shift position, flex your back carefully, and stretch arms to keep limbs from falling asleep. Regular movement is key to arriving in Pune feeling energetic after a short cheap flight from Bangalore.

By doing light exercises and staying active in your seat, you can boost circulation, reduce discomfort, and improve your overall flight experience between Bangalore and Pune. Following these tips will help you avoid some of the health issues associated with long periods of sitting, making the quick 1.5 hour journey more pleasant.

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