Blue Lock Chapter 248 Release Date and Time

Blue Lock Chapter 248 is scheduled for release on Wednesday, January 24, 2024, at 12 am JST, without any announced breaks, ensuring its regular schedule. Readers interested in the upcoming release can find Chapter 248 on the K Manga website and application. You can read more about the anime from here.

In the previous chapter, Nagi and Reo discussed their current situations, emphasizing the need for a transformative approach to achieve their ambitions on the global stage. Meanwhile, Noel Noa wrapped up a strategic meeting with Bastard Munchen players, and Ego Jinpachi elaborated on the concept of originality.

Bluc Lock 248 Release Date

For the global release, Blue Lock Chapter 248, titled “Final Fight,” is set for Tuesday, January 23, 2024. The manga will be available on Wednesday, January 24, 2024, at 12 am JST. Release times in different time zones are as follows:

Pacific Standard Time: 7 am on Tuesday, January 23

Central Standard Time: 9 am on Tuesday, January 23

Eastern Standard Time: 10 am on Tuesday, January 23

Greenwich Mean Time: 3 pm on Tuesday, January 23

Central European Time: 4 pm on Tuesday, January 23

Indian Standard Time: 8:30 pm on Tuesday, January 23

Philippine Standard Time: 11 pm on Tuesday, January 23

Australia Central Standard Time: 12:30 am on Wednesday, January 24

What to Expect from Blue Lock 248?

Recapping Blue Lock Chapter 247, titled “Originality,” Nagi and Reo faced online criticism for consistent underperformance. They discussed the importance of excelling in the Neo Egoist League and securing positions in the Japan U-20 World Cup squad. Noel Noa concluded a strategic meeting, and Ego Jinpachi joined for a conversation about players identifying their unique originality.

In Blue Lock Chapter 248, readers can expect the start of the final match between Bastard Munchen and Paris X Gen. The chapter may also explore Manshine City’s match against Barcha, offering fans the excitement of witnessing two simultaneous matches. Additionally, readers can anticipate insights into Noel Noa’s strategic approach for the ultimate match, unveiling plans for the starting lineup and the strategic utilization of players like Hiori Yo, Kiyora Jin, Igarashi Gurimu, and Kurona Ranze.

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