Luv.trise the uniqueness of Relationship

Luv.trise the uniqueness of Relationship


Luv.trise is the keyword that is known for elaborating the relationship of individuals with their loved ones. Luv.trise is one of the most trending keywords on the internet currently and it is used to describe the relationship of humans with other humans. The relationship of all kinds like family relationship, relationship of parents with their offspring, grandparents and husband wife relationship. All these relations are those that are the part of almost every human on earth and Luv.trise is combination of words that describe and highlights the significance of these relationships in daily life.

Luv.trise in Family Relations

Luv.trise is a combination of words that grabs the attention of readers towards the importance of relationships within the family. We all know that the humans are social animals and we live in societies. For being social animal, it is necessary to accept the importance of luv. trise. Some netizens believe that Luv.trise is the word that highlights the family connection in shape of a triangle like and all individuals are related to each other like a triangle bond and no can be separated from each other. And this theory seems to be true because the world trise is also similar to pronounce like a triangle.

Luv.trise in couples

Luv.trise is being frequently used to show bindings within the couples. But the concept of triangle is quite undue in this relationship. Because a husband wife relationship is a linear connection and we cannot involve third person in this bonding. But the concept does fit in when we place the child of the couple on the third corner and it also maintains the relationship and so also increases the bindings within the individuals.

Luv.trise the Un-addressed Issue

Luv.trise discuss the perspective of the human’s relationship which is mostly un-addressed and being ignored. Because with modern technology and faster life we all are ignoring the importance of connections and bindings within the family. This is issue is quite frequent with the younger generation of this era. Young generation spend all of their time in studies or conducting extracurricular activities. They rarely find time within the 24-hours to sit and give time to their family. Parents do not get due attentions from their children and kids even do not give time and attention to their siblings. Luv.trise is a word that sounds so elegant and grabs the attention of the readers and listeners to recall the beautiful memories of their childhood and return to some past memories and build a stronger relationship with their loved ones.

Does luv.trise invades the privacy?

It is importance to discuss that having said that Luv.trise increases the bindings within the family, does it invade the privacy of individual within the family. This is sensitive issue and there is a very thin line between the stronger bindings and privacy invasion because being a responsible human it is the responsibility of everyone to no invade the privacy of anyone. This has been the prime concern of most of the youngsters and a kind of concern regarding from parents that parents invade the privacy of their children in the families. So, there is need to address this issue and to maintain a balance between Luv.trise and privacy.


To conclude, Luv.trise is all about a healthy relation of human either within the family or in the society. Since human is a social animal and it is in the default nature of humans to live in the societies and Luv.trise encourages human to recall the stronger relationship within the family and society. The concept of love triangle that is show in Luv.trise does fit in parent-child relationship and it is the responsibility of both of them to maintain a balance of respect and privacy by making the family binding stronger. Keeping in mind that good connection does not mean to invade the privacy of anyone and there should be balance of privacy and Luv.trise. 


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