Shopify Sections vs Page Builders For Shopify: Which Should You Work With?

Every online merchant wants their e-commerce stores to look and function just exactly the way they picture it to be. If this is also what you want, then you need a tool that’ll provide you with a complete customization control over your store’s design and layout. Two options available for this type of task are Shopify sections and Shopify page builders.


  • What exactly are Shopify sections and Shopify landing page builders?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of these two Shopify customization tools?
  • How do both tools compare and which is the better option between Shopify sections and page builders?


You’ll find everything you should know about these Shopify customization-related questions as you read on.

Here’s everything you should know about Shopify sections and Shopify page builders

  • Shopify sections

Shopify sections are content block templates specially designed for merchants to customize their stores. Within the Shopify page templates, sections are customizable components that can be reordered and added to create a design or layout that suits your needs. Sections often feature various content blocks with specific benefits to your store. With sections, you can always customize your store and display your content uniquely, just the way you envision it.


To find and access Shopify sections, all you need is to check the Shopify Theme Editor. With this editor, you can easily remove, reorder, or add sections based on your needs. You’ll also get to customize your store’s design and layout as you like.

  • Shopify landing page builders

Unlike sections, Shopify page builders are drag-and-drop tools that are specially designed to help merchants create beautiful and functional pages for their Shopify stores. One good thing about these tools is that they don’t require you to have any extensive knowledge of coding before creating landing pages that stand out from the competition.


Today, Shopify page builders are available in different types. One thing these building tools have in common, however, is that they offer merchants different design options – some common examples are layouts, colors, and fonts. With these design options, merchants can easily and effortlessly come up with complex page designs for their stores.


One good example of Shopify landing page builder worth trying today is Instant. With a starting fee of $49, you can always take advantage of this tool to create multiple published pages and sections. This tool also offers support for Shopify integration.

Shopify sections vs page builders: pros & cons

For you to choose the better option between Shopify sections and Shopify landing page builders, you certainly need to first weigh their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s do that below:

Pros (Shopify sections)

  • No coding knowledge is required to use Shopify sections. As such, even small business owners can access this tool to create unique designs for their online stores.
  • Sections work seamlessly with Shopify themes. As such, you can always take advantage of them to create consistent design.
  • You can expect little to no impact on your web page speed when using Shopify sections. 
  • They offer responsive designs


Cons (Shopify sections)

As amazing as Shopify sections are, they also have a few drawbacks, which include:


  • Shopify sections available in shopify themes are not reliable if what you want is unlimited customization options. You may not achieve your desired results since the customization options are limited. 


  • Another drawback of Shopify sections is that they are theme-dependent. Your ability to use them depends, to a very large extent, on the available theme.


  • You shouldn’t expect advanced features when using Shopify sections.

Why should you try page builders for Shopify today?

Although page builders for Shopify have their drawbacks, their strengths certainly outweighs their weaknesses. This is one reason why we recommend you to try Instant, a new Shopify landing page builder.


  • With Instant, you’ll get complete control over your store’s design and layout. With total customization control, you can effortlessly create unique designs that help your store stand out from competition.


  • Unlike Shopify sections, the right page builders, such as Instant, also offer merchants advanced features. These features will certainly help you when creating complex stores with different page types.


  • Shopify landing page builders offer tons of design options, which you won’t get with Shopify sections. With plenty of design options, you can easily design your stores just the way you envision it.


  • Although some page builders require coding knowledge, this does not apply to Instant. With instant, you need no extensive coding knowledge to create your unique pages.


You can visit the official Instant page today to better understand how this page builder for Shopify can help you stand out from your competitors.

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