People are enthralled by Selena Gomez’s apparent sneaky allusion to the February post that sparked their spat with Hailey Bieber.

If you somehow missed it, early this year, the rumoured fight between Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber escalated to new heights, and it all began over a few eyebrows. Since Hailey married Justin Bieber in 2018, only six months after he split from Selena after a seven-year on-again, off-again relationship, the two ladies have been pitted against one another. Since then, both star’s fandoms have claimed that, with their every move being closely watched online, they are covertly disparaging the other Qureka Banner.

In October, Hailey and Selena attempted to debunk speculation that they are rivals as they put on a united front at the 2022 Academy Museum Gala, with pictures of them posing together at the event breaking the internet at the time.

The goodwill that followed this public exhibition, however, was very fleeting, and only a few months later, Hailey and Selena were the focus of yet another social media kerfuffle. The goodwill that followed this public exhibition, however, was very fleeting, and only a few months later, Hailey and Selena were the focus of yet another social media kerfuffle.

Everything began in February when Kylie Jenner and Hailey were reported of making fun of Selena after her eyebrow laminating failed. Three hours after Selena shared a TikTok about “accidentally” over-laminating her brows, Kylie uploaded a close-up shot of her own face to her Instagram story with the suspiciously worded comment, “this was an accident?????” Selena had complained about the incident in the TikTok. Soon later, Kylie shared an image from a FaceTime session with Hailey in which they both had their brows zoomed in.

These posts infuriated Selena’s supporters, and the situation swiftly grew into what was perhaps their fandoms’ fiercest conflict with one another since the pseudo-feud started. However, six months later, Selena seems to be able to laugh it off as she appeared to make a playful reference to her drama-inducing laminating mishap on Instagram on Tuesday

Selena posted her photo:

Selena posted a photo of herself grinning while teasing the arrival of the newest brow-lifting gel from her cosmetics line Rare Beauty. Selena captioned the photograph, “You know how much I love a beautiful brow and I’m pleased to finally announce that my new @rarebeauty Brow Harmony Flexible Lifting Gel is here. It didn’t take long for people to interpret the first part of Selena’s caption as a subtle reference to her and Hailey’s beef, and the star won high praise for her playful attitude toward the whole thing.

Kylie and Hailey were banned for their postings:

In February, Kylie and Hailey were called “mean girls” for their social media postings. The problem worsened when Selena insisted on a TikTok remark that there was no friction between her and Kylie but that Hailey was not included.

Selena decided to deactivate her TikTok account:

When Selena was confronted for leaving critical comments on videos featuring Hailey, she ultimately decided to deactivate her TikTok account. On the other hand, Hailey was subjected to public ridicule when it was revealed that she was a Justin super fan who was preoccupied with Selena’s relationship before she began dating him.

Hailey received death threats from Selena’s followers:

The situation went from worse to worse, and Hailey ended up losing over a million Instagram followers amid the uproar. In fact, things only improved weeks later after Hailey privately reached out to Selena, having received death threats from her supporters.

Selena posted a message for her fans:

Selena responded by posting a message on Instagram in which she pleaded with her fans to put an end to their “hate” and “bullying.” While much of the drama was resolved as a result of this, some of it has persisted on a smaller scale. When Hailey went to her own Instagram story in June to ask people to stop making “mean or rude comments” on her behalf, Selena returned the favour. She didn’t specifically mention Selena, but it is presumed that this was in response to the cruel comments that were being left on Selena’s most recent Instagram post at the time technical masterminds.

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