Strategies for Selling Wholesale

Strategies for Selling Wholesale

One of the best ways to conduct your business is by selling them online on wholesale. If you are aware of the two brands, Alibaba and AliExpress, they are both owned by the Alibaba Group. But they cater to different markets. Comparing aliexpress vs alibaba, Aliexpress handles businesses that want to sell their products to consumers. Alibaba, on the other hand, accommodates B2B or business-to-business transactions. The latter is a good platform for wholesale businesses in which you can apply the strategies listed below.

What are the Strategies for Selling Wholesale?

Use an established marketplace

If you want to get immediate business opportunities in selling your products wholesale, you must go to a marketplace where hundreds or thousands of visitors go. One approach to this strategy is to choose the right online platform to do it. As you can see in aliexpress vs alibaba, both are effective e-commerce sites that you can use for your business. But AliExpress is a marketplace mostly for consumers. You can still sell your products on this site but you will only sell a few products to one customer. When you use Alibaba, you are putting up a market for other businesses, not just consumers. This means that you can conduct your wholesaler’s packages on this website.

Have referral incentives

Another way to engage your customers is by having referral incentives. A referral incentive is a kind of incentive that you can give to return customers. You can offer them discounts, bundle packages, and other perks when they go back to you for another wholesale order. Creating this environment of incentives for loyal customers will also bring about more future businesses to link to your business. This means an expansion in your client base since there will be a continuous increase in businesses that connect with you for bulk orders.

List your companies in industrial directories

You should also find other ways to advertise your company in industrial directories. Small, medium, and big enterprises often go to industrial directories to look at potential suppliers for their business. When you have your company’s name listed in these directories, you get a chance of being contacted by their operations or logistics.

You have to keep in mind in these directories to put all the information that potential clients can contact to engage you in conversations. More contact details mean more avenues to connect with you and make inquiries about your business.

Have a social media presence

You should also put your business details on social media. You should not be surprised that other businesses will contact you through your social media. These online services have made it easier for businesses to stay in contact with one another. By having an available social media account, you can use this for advertisements and promotions. You are also opening your business to potential wholesale transactions. Create a business account on all possible social media platforms so that people and businesses can send you a message outright.

Meet with companies in person

Another way to expand your business and engage companies is to meet with them in person. You will still find local businesses who may want to deal with you. Having clients near you will reduce shipping and delivery costs. You can also make special business deals when it comes to sales of materials.

Strategies for Selling Wholesale


Selling items wholesale can be a challenging endeavor for businesses. But it can also be rewarding if you have implemented the correct strategies on how to sell them. Choosing between aliexpress vs alibaba is a good example. Wholesale is mostly done on business-to-business e-commerce sites. In this case, Alibaba is the right platform to sell products wholesale. By implementing the best strategy, you can make sure that your business will be a success for the years to come.

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