Moving to San Jose – Learn About Shipping Your Car & Everything Else

San Jose offers something for everyone, from top-rated schools and lush parks to the Santa Cruz Mountains and beyond. No matter why you’re moving here, San Jose will have something special in store.

Cost of Living

Living costs can be daunting when moving to San Jose, but it is doable if you work hard and budget wisely. Finding a job with decent pay and saving as much money as possible are keys to enjoying Silicon Valley life without straining your bank balance.

San Jose ranks as one of the costliest US cities to live, due to high housing costs that make up more than 40% of total cost of living costs (source: There may be ways to lower these expenses such as finding cheap apartments or sharing housing costs with roommates – but these can be mitigated and made even lower by making amends with your expectations of reality.

Utilize your local transit system and bus network to save money. In many cities, buses provide convenient service that can help reduce costly commuter parking fees and traffic delays; alternatively you could try ridesharing services such as Uber or Lyft to reduce transportation expenses.

Car Shipping

Shipping your car to San Jose – whether relocating for work, family reasons, or otherwise requires reliable auto transport – is actually quite easy. Finding the ideal company depends upon their reputation and customer service as well as affordability and availability of different options; then selecting your carrier accordingly. It should ensure safe transport of your vehicle.

One of the best ways to compare prices and services is through an online marketplace where feedback-rated carriers compete for your business. At uShip, this means accessing a free platform with simple functionality that lets you request quotes from top providers quickly. When listing vehicles or fleets for transport on any platform, uShip assigns one transport expert who can guide, advise, assist and assist through every stage.

Cost of car transportation to San Jose will depend on several factors, including type and distance. You must choose between door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal transport. Size also matters: for instance, sedans are less costly to ship than SUVs. Finally, take into account how popular a route may be – routes with higher traffic levels tend to cost more.

Your vehicle’s condition will also play an integral part in its cost to ship. For instance, if it has been involved in an accident or needs extra insurance due to being fragile it will cost more. Salvaged cars tend to cost more than newer models with working engines.

Selecting open or enclosed trailer transport will have an effect on the cost of car shipping to and from San Jose. While open San Jose auto transport offers the most cost-effective service available, enclosed carriers provide more premium services with extra protection against weather and debris. Both are acceptable for most vehicles.

Book car shipping months ahead if possible to make sure that the costs associated with San Jose auto shipping remain lower. This allows the carrier more time to schedule your pickup date and secure a spot on their truck, giving us time to secure pick-up and delivery within a few days after booking, although these services will incur higher prices.

An expedited or rushed tier may also guarantee pick-up and delivery within days; but these come at higher costs; ask your agent about discounts such as first-time customer discounts, military discounts or any specials you might qualify for; ask what payment forms they accept so as to keep costs down when booking last-minute.


No matter if you are an entrepreneur moving to San Jose for their startup or work at one of its flourishing tech companies, there is plenty to keep you entertained in San Jose. From exploring historic architecture in downtown to visiting world-class museums and experiencing San Jose’s unique culture there are also fun activities throughout the year that will keep your family busy and happy.

Silicon Valley, more commonly referred to as Silicon Valley City, is home to major companies like Apple, Google and Facebook as well as large facilities for Becton Dickinson, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Kaiser Permanente – making this city known as its headquarters.

Santana Row (which you can see here) is an outdoor mall featuring high-end stores and eateries as well as being home to the San Jose Museum of Art – making it a prime location to find designer fashion, jewelry and stationery purchases as well as gifts for friends and family members.

Downtown San Jose is at the core of city life and a destination for dining, shopping, sightseeing and nightlife activities. Boasting over 250 restaurants and cafes as well as 40 cultural venues – as well as thousands of new high-rise homes – Downtown is home to numerous events like Cinequest Film Festival and Holiday Ice Skating at SAP Center – not forgetting exciting concerts like Red Hot & Riotous which take place here regularly.

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