The Colorful World of Orbeez Guns: Fun, DIY Ideas & Maintenance Tips


In the world of cool and fun toys, Orbeez guns have made a special place for themselves. These interesting toys are like water guns but with a twist. Instead of shooting water, they shoot small, soft beads that can soak up water, called Orbeez. 

Orbeez were first made as toys to feel and play with, and now they are really liked because they feel nice and can be used in many ways. Orbeez guns make playing with these tiny water beads even more exciting. This article talks about Orbeez guns, why people like them, fun things to do with them, and how to take care of them.

The Popularity of Orbeez Guns

Both kids and grown-ups really like to shop Orbeez guns because they give a special kind of fun with water. These guns work by shooting tiny beads that can absorb water. When the beads hit something, they make a fun splash. People enjoy the feel of these soft and squishy beads. Shooting Orbeez is exciting, and it turns regular water play into exciting and colorful fun battles.

Why There Is So Much Hype of Orbeez Guns?

Why are Orbeez guns all the rage? It’s simple – they’re a sensational departure from the norm. In a world of predictable water pistols, Orbeez guns arrive like a burst of rainbow-infused freshness. 

The sheer tactile pleasure of holding a gun that fires squishy orbs is inexplicably captivating. And let’s not forget the element of surprise when these orbs meet their target – a satisfying splat that’s as visually appealing as it is entertaining.

Fun Things to Do With Orbeez Guns

  1. Aim for Targets: Put things to aim at in your yard or a big space and have a friendly Orbeez shooting contest with your friends or family. This can help you get better at aiming and being accurate.
  2. Play Outside with Water: When it’s really hot outside, Orbeez guns are awesome. Have water playdates or parties where everyone can have exciting water fights with Orbeez guns.
  3. Touch and Feel: Orbeez feel cool to touch. Fill a small pool or a big container with Orbeez and water. It’s like a place to touch and feel them.
  4. Make Believe Games: Use Orbeez in make-believe games. You can make a pretend beach or a pretend space world with these colorful beads.
  5. Learn and Play: Orbeez guns can also help you learn about science stuff, like how things move through the air or how they’re pushed by force. It’s a fun way to learn new things.

DIY Orbeez Gun Ideas:

If you’re up for a creative project, here are a few DIY ideas to make your own Orbeez gun:

  • Straw Shooter:
  • Materials: Plastic straw, Orbeez, scissors
  • Steps: Cut one end of the plastic straw to make it flat. Load some Orbeez into the open end of the straw. Pinch the other end closed and let go to shoot the Orbeez like small pellets.
  • Cardboard Launcher:
  • Materials: Sturdy cardboard, tape, Orbeez
  • Steps: Roll the cardboard into a tube shape and secure it with tape. Put Orbeez into the tube. Put one end of the tube close to your mouth and blow air into it to launch the Orbeez.
  • Spoon Catapult:
  • Materials: Plastic spoon, rubber band, Orbeez
  • Steps: Attach one end of the rubber band to the handle of the spoon. Place an Orbeez in the spoon’s bowl. Hold the spoon’s handle and pull back the rubber band, then release to catapult the Orbeez.
  • Balloon Blaster:
  • Materials: Balloon, plastic cup, Orbeez
  • Steps: Stretch the opening of the balloon over the rim of the plastic cup. Put some Orbeez inside the balloon. Hold the balloon by the cup’s rim, pull it back like a sling, and let go to shoot the Orbeez.
  • Water Bottle Shooter:
  • Materials: Plastic water bottle, Orbeez
  • Steps: Cut off the bottom of the plastic water bottle. Fill the bottle with Orbeez, then add water. Squeeze the bottle to shoot the Orbeez out.


  1. Are Orbeez guns safe for children? 

Orbeez guns are generally considered safe for children when used as intended and under adult supervision. However, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s age recommendations and safety guidelines to prevent any accidents or misuse.

  1. Are Orbeez included with the gun? 

Many Orbeez gun kits come with a starter pack of Orbeez beads, but the quantity can vary. Additional Orbeez can usually be purchased separately if desired.

5. Can I use regular water beads instead of Orbeez? 

While some Orbeez guns might work with other water-absorbent beads, it’s recommended to use genuine Orbeez beads for optimal performance and results. Other beads might have different properties that could affect how the gun works.

6. Are Orbeez reusable? 

Orbeez beads can be dehydrated and stored for future use. When they’re dehydrated, they shrink back to their original size, and you can rehydrate them by soaking them in water again.

7. Can Orbeez be harmful to the environment? 

Orbeez are non-toxic and biodegradable, but they can pose a risk if they end up in water bodies or natural environments in large quantities. It’s important to dispose of them responsibly and avoid releasing them into the environment.



Orbeez guns have really made a big impact in the world of fun and games. They’re special because they let you explore with your senses, play with water, and be creative all at once. People of all ages love these guns. You can enjoy them outdoors, make your own things, and have a lot of colorful fun. Just remember to take care of your Orbeez gun so it keeps bringing joy. So, get ready, load up your Orbeez gun, and have an experience that’s full of imagination, fun, and a little bit of splash!

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