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Dubai is a great place for adventure, as there are so many adventures around every corner. Dubai’s breathtaking beauty and thrilling safaris in the desert attract solo travelers. If you want to join a group of other solo travelers on a desert trip, you are in the right place. This comprehensive guide covers all the best desert safaris available in Dubai to solo travelers.


Why Dubai as a solo travel destination?


Dubai is a city that caters to tourists. The city is full of history and culture, and adventurers can enjoy many different activities. Dubai invites exploration from its skyscrapers, golden dunes and rich culture to every other aspect. Dubai is an inviting and safe place for solo travelers.


Desert Safari in Dubai by DDS


Dubai Desert Safari tours are the most popular attraction in Dubai. It’s a memorable experience. It’s an unforgettable experience. The thrill of dune-bashing, the beauty of the desert sunset, and the traditional Emirati cuisine under starlit skies are all memorable. What exactly is a desert trip for one person? Let’s dive into the details.


Desert Safaris Types of Dubai


Morning Desert Safari


If you’re an early bird, a morning desert safari will be the best way to begin your day. Imagine a sunrise on golden sands. Start the day with an exciting activity such as dune-bashing or sandboarding.


Evening Desert Safari

Evening desert safaris are an option that begins late in the day and continues into the evening. This package offers a combination of cultural experiences and adventure. This package includes everything from dune bashing to traditional Arabian music and dance.


Overnight Desert Safari


Overnight safaris allow you to experience the desert more intimately. The experience of sleeping under the stars is unmatched. The overnight desert safari Dubai deals provide the same activities and experiences as the evening safari, plus the opportunity to sleep in Bedouin tents.


How to select the best Dubai desert safari tour 


Safety First


Safety is very important for solo travelers. Choose a tour operator with a good safety record and who is highly rated by other solo travelers. Desert Safari Dubai puts the safety of its guests at the top of its priority list.


Enjoyable and Affordable


When traveling alone, it is important to budget. Many affordable Dubai desert safari trips don’t compromise on excitement or adventure. Some packages include camel riding, dune bashing, and even traditional meals.


Get Unique and Memorable Experiences


You can make your solo trip memorable by choosing a falconry display, henna sessions or BBQs under the stars.

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