How to increase WordPress website speed?

Choose an optimized speed theme

In today’s online world, speed is not only a luxury but an important requirement. This is the reason why businesses want to optimize their WordPress website by hiring leading digital marketing companies, like RS organisation.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, blogger, or web developer, there is a need to transform your site into a loading machine. For this, there are many proven techniques used, like caching, image optimization, database tweaks, etc.

RS organisation is the best WordPress development company in Noida that helps to increase the speed of your WordPress website. To learn more, read the given below tips that increase the WordPress website speed.

  1. Keep the website up to date.

WordPress is used for a well-maintained open-source project and is updated after some time. Every update does not provide new features to people, but it will fix the security bugs and problems. Due to this, the theme and plugins of your WordPress may need regular updates.

It is suggested to hire the RS organisation because they help you to run new versions of the website and optimize the performance. They keep your site secure, get bugs, and ensure every tool’s functions and features work well. It also helps you to keep your website up to date.

  1. Choose an optimized speed theme.

There are many best themes available at Best Website Redesigning Services in Noida. But never forget, themes come with dynamic content, slider, widgets, sidebar, slider, etc. and slow down the website server speed. Instead of opting for the rich-featured theme, it is suggested to take the approach and use the optimized speed theme.

It helps to increase the speed of your WordPress website because it consists of the bare bones of what is important for function. Stay careful while buying themes on famous marketplaces. When you select a theme, you should check the page speed of the demo theme and then apply it to your site.

  1. Decrease server requests

A server request occurs every time on the website when the browser asks for the same resources from the server. It will be a script, style sheet, and image file. The more server requests your website gets, the more it needs to load the site completely, and it takes a lot of time. So if you want to increase the speed of your WordPress website, you should hire RS organisation and get the best WordPress development services in Noida because they help to reduce server requests.

  1. Use optimized image

Using an optimized image is another best way to improve the WordPress website speed. Images work effectively to keep the visitors to your site engaged to it. Here the role of RS organisation comes. We at RS organisation help to optimize the image of your website. Even if your website has many imaginary images, we still optimize the images in order to speed up the website speed.

The more the loading time of your WordPress website increases, the more easily users can engage with it. There are many methods that help you to optimize the images, including adding all titles and text, compressing images, and creating the image sitemap. If you want to compress the image of your site automatically, you should use the WordPress plugin.

  1. Enable page caching

WordPress pages are referred to the “dynamic.” It means every time when every visitor puts a request to a web page from a noncached website, the PHP of your WordPress server needs to retrieve all the content from the WordPress database. There is also a need to assemble it into an HTML file and send it to the client.

This method under Best Website Redesigning Services in Noida has various benefits, including saving server space and permitting dynamic web content. But the fact is that it takes a lot of energy and time to send a written web page to clients.

To solve this issue, it is suggested to use the cache plugin. A caching plugin helps to store the final view of your website for visitors.

  1. Use content delivery network.

The content delivery network used by the WordPress development Services in Noida helps you to lead the faster page load time because, during configuration, your website uses the optimized server that is near to visitors of your site. The data center stores the static files and content and delivers it to users based on location. It helps the users to reduce their HTTP requests because the static content is ready to go instead of requesting many HTTP at once.

  1. Minify JS and CSS files

Minification of resources is removing unnecessary characters from javascript, HTML, and CSS that are not needed to load, like newline characters, white space characters, comments, etc. In this way, RS organisation helps to speed up your WordPress website and reduce the amount of code. You can use the plugins available online to minify the JS and CSS files.


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