Stellar Repair for MS SQL: Recommended Solution to Repair SQL Database if DBCC CHECKDB Fails


Corruption in MS SQL database may occur due to a variety of reasons, such as software failure, software bugs, and manual faults. Here are some reasons for corruption in the MS SQL database:

        Sudden power breakdown or system shutdown during a database procedure.

         Malware or virus invasion in the process.

         Hard drive issues or bad sectors in the hard drive.

         Hardware issues, such as malfunctioning Memory or CPU.

         Corruption within the data source file header.

         Inappropriate shutdown of SQL Hosting server. 

  • Improper termination of data source connection.

         Running out of drive space when performing a database functioning.

        Unsupported edition of SQL Host or out-of-date service pack.

When database corruption occurs, you may experience different problems, such as functionality failure and method instability. To identify and fix database corruption, the DBCC CHECKDB works extremely well. 

If DBCC CHECKDB fails to repair the database, the recommended approach is to restore the database from a known backup. If it is not possible to restore from a backup, then a specialized MS SQL repair software can be used as an alternative. One such reliable MS SQL repair software is Stellar Repair for MS SQL. 

About Stellar Repair for MS SQL

Stellar Repair for MS SQL is surely an innovative software that helps administrators repair corrupt SQL database and restore its objects, like tables and views, stored procedures, triggers, indexes, and more. It is designed to fix consistency problems and recover the database, maintaining the data integrity. The program can work on both Windows and Linux devices and is compatible with various variations of CentOS and Ubuntu.

Stellar Repair for MS SQL offers a preview of the repairable items and allows users to select particular objects they want to restore. In addition, it allows users to locate files within the search box from the preview window. To save the repaired data, users need to register the product, even though the software has a demo version that provides a preview of all the repairable objects. 

Some key software features are:

  • Recovers database objects like tables, views, triggers, collations, stored procedures, synonyms, etc.
  • Recovers clustered and non-clustered indexes.
  • Supports MS SQL Server Row Compressed and Page Compressed data.
  • Allows selecting specific database objects to save in the repaired MDF file.
  • Generates a log report of the complete SQL database repair process.

System Requirements for Installing Stellar Repair for MS SQL

Listed here are the minimal system requirements to install and run Stellar Repair for MS SQL:

         Processor chip: Intel (x86 or x64)

         Memory: 4 Gigabytes (minimum), 8 Gigabytes (encouraged), 16 Gigabytes (minimum for many versions), 32 Gigabytes (recommended for some variations)

         Hard Drive: 250 MB of free storage for installing files

         Operating system: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7, and 8, and House Windows Web Server 2019, CentOS, 2008, 2016, 2012, Ubuntu and 2003 Reddish Hat Enterprise Linux

It is worth noting that this program demands could vary, depending on the size and complexity of the database being managed. Therefore, it’s advised to get a system with higher specifications to ensure ideal overall performance.

Another thing to note is that Stellar Repair for MS SQL is not designed for Mac operating system. Therefore, if you have a Mac operating system, you may need to use a virtual machine or a Windows emulator to run the software.

Repair and Restore SQL Database using Stellar Repair for MS SQL Software

Recently, we experienced a sudden power outage at our workplace, resulting in an unclean shutdown of the SQL Server databases. While most of the databases were successfully restored, one database remained inaccessible. Due to outdated backup, restoring from a backup was not an option and repairing the database using DBCC CHECKDB posed a risk of data loss.

So, we used the Stellar Repair for MS SQL software. This powerful tool efficiently repaired and restored the inaccessible database to its original state, without compromising data integrity.

Process to Use Stellar Repair for MS SQL Software

The download and installation process of the software is very simple and quick. It took only a few seconds to complete the software installation. After launching the software, a pop-up message appears, asking to stop the SQL server and copying the database to some other location.

To repair the MDF file, select it using the Browse or Find option. The software offers two scan levels: Standard (for quick scanning) and Advanced (for thorough scanning). Choose the scan option based on your requirements.

Selecting Database using Stellar Repair for MSSQL software
Selecting Database using Stellar Repair for MSSQL software



After the scan, the software presents a preview of the repaired database and its recoverable objects. In addition to repairing corrupt database, the software can recover deleted data if the log file for deleted records is available.

Preview of records using Stellar Repair for MSSQL software
Preview of records using Stellar Repair for MSSQL software


The next step is to save the repaired database file. It allows to save the repaired MDF file in a new database or into an existing database. The software also provides options to save the file in formats, like CSV, HTML, and XLS.

Saving Database using Stellar Repair for MSSQL software
Saving Database using Stellar Repair for MSSQL software


To save the repaired file, provide the necessary server connection details and specify the location to save the file. The software provides real-time progress status during the saving process.

The SQL recovery tool starts saving the records and shows the status. The tables with “Completed” status are the ones that have been saved. The ones that are still getting saved have the status “Processing”, and the rest are shown as “Pending”. It’s amazing how the software keeps the users posted about the progress of the saving process.


Stellar Repair for MS SQL is a reliable and user-friendly software solution for repairing and restoring corrupt SQL databases. It serves as an alternative when DBCC CHECKDB fails or when data loss is a concern. Whether you need to recover a single database or multiple databases, Stellar Repair for MS SQL offers an effective solution.

The software is available in different editions. To verify the data accuracy before saving it, you can download the demo version of the Stellar Repair for MS SQL. To save the data, you will need to get the tool’s licensed version.

Stellar Repair for MS SQL is a simple to use and efficient software. It does what it claims – repairs corrupt SQL database and reinstates access to the database.

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