Four Happy Films That Will Uplift Your Mood

Four Happy Films That Will Uplift Your Mood

Life is not too simple. It is like a roller coaster that makes you go up and down. Some days you feel elated, happy, and grateful for all that you have. However at other times, you feel like life’s super tough and you desperately crave an escape that can take you away from all the stresses, drama, and tensions of this extremely hard life. 

We understand all of these emotions and feelings. We are all humans at the end of the day. Nobody’s life is perfect. We are all trying our best to survive and that’s the most beautiful aspect of our existence. However, sometimes things get out of control and we feel super exhausted both mentally and physically. Our body loses all the energy and we just hit the bed thinking that it is the end of the world. 

For such times, the best solution is professional therapy. In addition to seeing a great therapist, you can also watch sweet, happy, and full-of-life movies that will instantly cheer up your mind. Great idea, right? We are aware that choosing the perfect movie for a stressful day can be a tough task and so keeping that in mind, we have conducted a little research of our own and have come up with the best four happy films that will instantly uplift your gloomy mood. 

So, without much further ado, let’s get started with our list.  

  • A Simple Favor

This movie narrates the story of a young, stay-at-home mom named Stephanie Smothers with a nice and comprehensive parenting vlog. She enjoys her little small-town life. However, one day she meets a mysterious rich woman named Emily Nelson whose child studies at the same elementary school as her own child. 

Stephanie carefully analyzes Emily’s life and is shocked to see the glamorous, fancy life that she leads. Fate however has some other things planned for the two. Emily soon goes missing, leading poor Stephanie to look into the case. You’ll love this film, it is captivating, fun, and thrilling, all at the same time. 

You can watch A Simple Favor on Amazon Prime Video. However, in order to stream it in HD, you will be needing a high-speed internet, preferably one that comes with unlimited data. For this, look for Spectrum in your area since it delivers superfast connectivity with no data caps. You can contact Spectrum servicio al cliente en español (for Spanish speakers only) and have an enjoyable, entertaining experience.

  • The Sound of Music

The movie revolves around a young novitiate named Maria who essentially is sent by her convent to take the role of a governess in an army household. She enters the house of an army officer called Baron von Trapp and becomes shocked at seeing his seven children, all with super different personalities. 

Working for such a big family makes her job a bit difficult, especially in her initial few days. As time passes by, Maria explores the different personalities and ends up observing the immense emotions, tantrums, celebrations, joys, etc. This movie will keep you glued to the screen, so do add it to your watch list.  

  • This is 40

This film narrates the story of a married couple who find entering the new decade of their lives quite difficult. They are both finally turning forty and the responsibilities and milestones that come with this number become super overwhelming for them. 

As they come near their birthday, they find out that their children dislike each other, their businesses are falling apart and they are also on the verge of losing their home. All of these tensions make them argue with one another and soon after they feel like their marriage will suffer too. This movie is a lighthearted take on serious, real-life issues, following a couple’s married life journey after almost five years of their marriage. 

  • Runaway Bride

This movie stars everyone’s favorite Julia Roberts who plays the character of a woman who’s scared of marriage and so ends up fleeing her own big day on several occasions, leading her to essentially attain a bad reputation for being a ‘Runaway Bride’. 

Being in the news 24/7, a charming news reporter notices her and successfully tracks her down. He finally secures an interview with her and you all can guess what happens next. 

Final Words

We hope the four incredible movies that we have enlisted in this article will keep you glued to your TV or laptop screens. Add them to your watch lists, plan a movie night, invite all your friends over, and have a fun time. Don’t forget to thank us later. 

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