Choosing a religious woman

Choosing a religious woman

Choosing a religious woman and you will achieve success by choosing a pious woman. It refers to a religious woman who is firm in her beliefs and always ready to fulfill her duties, who is also concerned about her husband’s hereafter, and who always strives for the religious training of her children. Ho, you know the etiquette of using your husband’s wealth in terms of your husband’s financial status, and do not take into account anyone who blames him in this regard, no matter how close he is to him.

Such is a religious woman and such is her ideal character.

The rest of the issue of dowry at the time of marriage. So it was purely the problem of a united India which the Muslims of India wanted to get rid of at the time of independence, but it was not possible due to several reasons, including hypocrisy, greed for wealth, but also the possession of the entire house under the guise of marriage to a girl. (Sometimes houses/bungalows and cars/motorcycles are also included). Will. Only the one on whom Allah has mercy.

Therefore, this Hindu ritual *dowry* has now become a regular social evil that is swallowing the marriage of daughters in Pakistani society and situation is that according to a survey, about one crore daughters in Pakistan have passed the age of marriage without marriage.

Now, every young Muslim of the Ummah should announce in consultation with his family that he will marry only the girl, not the entire house in the name of marriage. Hospitality/food for 1200 people in the name of Barat, which will leave the parents of the girl in debt/financial burden should not happen at all.

If a relationship is found within the nation/community then great, otherwise a religious relationship should be accepted in time even if it is non-community. Wasteful customs and practices which financially grind the boys and girls should be completely separated from marriage.  The girl should be given full rights in inheritance. Follow these few things and see that marriage will be easy, if not the whole society, you should take the initiative. Believe me, your marriage will be easy.


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