What is Cidekic James Hudock

What is Cidekic James Hudock

James Paul Hudock Can is an entrepreneur and chef who is the founder and CEO of Cide Kic, a digital platform for food items and drink companies. He has around 2 decades of culinary arts expertise and is a qualified Professional in Red wine. Cide Kic is really an electronic-based process that revolutionizes cooking area management in one simple-to-use, personalized program. This is a SaaS strategy for the pain sensation factors inside the welcome market. The foundation is great for food catering companies and restaurants, and other food and beverage enterprises. Cide Kic is currently in beta testing in four spots. David Hudock has robust culinary art and controls backdrop, possessing handled professionally the kitchen for the past 25 years.

What is James Hudock’s background in the culinary industry

James Hudock has more than 25 years of expertise in the hospitality sector, managing skilled kitchens in the USA and Mexico. He has done the trick for a management chef plus a cooking veteran. He is a licensed Expert in Wines and has a focus on farm-to-dinner table cuisine.

What is James Hudock’s specialty in the culinary industry

David Hudock’s specialized in the culinary market is managing professional kitchens in 5-legend hotels, restaurants and resorts, and exclusive private groups throughout the US and Mexico. He has done the trick for an exec chief cook plus a culinary arts veteran. He has also designed a software application for the skilled cooking area to be much more effective and efficient.

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Role of James Hudock to start Cide Kic

David Hudock enjoyed a significant part in starting up Cide Kic. He is the CEO and founder of Cide Kic, an electronic program for food items and drinks companies to simplify workflows for cooperation. David Hudock has a solid culinary and administration background, possessing handled skilled kitchen areas in varied eating places, resorts, and individual night clubs throughout the US and Mexico for over 25 years. He or she is even the visionary associated with the introduction of the iPhone app, “Cide Kic,” an electronically based system that controls home workflow. In order to turn the kitchen into a collaborative, supportive, and ultimately less stressful environment, the app was created with the notion of easing the burden placed on chefs and modernizing back-of-house operations.

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