Where to find a job: 10 best job search sites in Dubai

Where to find a job: 10 best job search sites in Dubai

Dubai has year-round sunshine, a beach, a desert, the world’s largest shopping mall, some of the world’s best restaurants, and a thriving business community. It is also a city that welcomes everyone. Moving to Dubai for work is one of the most common reasons why people choose to relocate. While it is possible to relocate without a job, it makes sense to make sure there are job opportunities in your field before you move.

Dubai has evolved from a city that relied on oil revenues to one where those oil and gas revenues are only worth $71 trillion. Its economy covers almost all areas of employment, so the opportunities are endless. Dubai offers excellent business and job prospects, attracting expats from all over the world. Team of the layboard.in highlighted the factors that make the cosmopolitan city one of the best options for working and building a career:

  • Safety.
  • Quality of life.
  • Luxury.
  • World-class infrastructure and comfort.
  • Plenty of job opportunities.
  • Tax-free (no income tax).

A multicultural workforce with over 200 nationalities provides a global experience and works as a launching pad for countries such as Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US.

As an employee, you have access to various benefits. For the Layborad team, the main points include health insurance, 30 days of vacation per year, and round-trip airfare to your home country. In addition to it, you may have access to housing allowances, salary bonuses, flexible working hours, and further education assistance. In addition, private sector employees receive 30 days of annual vacation after completing one year of employment.

How to get a job in the UAE?

You can find a job in the UAE by searching online for job opportunities in the UAE. You can find a job either with a company or with a recruitment agency.

UAE citizens and residents do not need a work permit to find a job. In most cases, any other nationality will want to apply for a work permit to work with regular paperwork.

According to UAE law, a person applying for a job does not have to pay for anything at all. Even in recruiting or staffing agencies that are engaged in the selection of employees, the applicant also does not have to pay anything. All recruitment costs are paid by the company that has signed a contract with the agency. If someone asks for money for a job search or any other services, they are scammers, and it is unlikely that they will find you a job.

It is also illegal if the employer then reduces the payment by withholding the costs of opening a visa.

For the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it is the employer’s responsibility to pay for health insurance, and the law requires the company to provide insurance to employees at the company’s expense. In the rest of the emirates, this is negotiated between the parties at the stage of signing the contract and depends on the arrangements.

Flight and accommodation costs are discussed with the employer individually. It happens that they even pay for the flight for the whole family, provide housing, and pay for a kindergarten or school for children, but this is not mandatory and depends on the agreements and the employer’s interest in a particular specialist.


Before you start your Linkedin job search, it’s a good idea to get your profile in order: write a couple of sentences about yourself in your bio, add a resume, and an “Open for Job” badge.


A popular job search site in the UAE. Here you can create your CV and even read interesting material on the topic of employment.


Popular resource, where you can find jobs in the UAE and Dubai. The resource offers a selection of vacancies in the oil sector of the industry. 


The portal has over 7,000 jobs in almost all industries in the UAE. Some of the top categories include PR, Marketing, and Health Care.


One of the leading resources where you can find jobs for all tastes across the UAE.


In addition to job openings, the site provides online courses and other features to make your job search easier.


One of the largest job sites in Dubai. It features current job openings from top companies such as Asus, Intel, and others.


A government portal that provides job opportunities for job seekers in the UAE.


Monster is a global online employment solution for people looking for jobs and employers who need great professionals.


This is the leading classifieds website for users in the UAE. You can also find an apartment to rent or an item you need to buy on the site.

Ask around about working in the UAE. Talk to anyone who may have traveled or worked in the UAE. You will find that some of your friends or family know someone who knows someone. Ask around and find opportunities among your contacts.

To find a job in the UAE, look at local newspapers, job boards, and radio. Local radio and newspapers are good sources of information about jobs in the UAE.

You can send emails to local businesses and companies with job inquiries in the UAE.

You can search for companies and local businesses in the UAE. An easy tool for this is any mapping app. Below is an example of a Google Maps search for “factory near Abu Dhabi”. 

You can also look at the top 100 companies to work for in the Emirates on search engines and target them. Make your list of companies for which your specialty would be suitable. Send them your resume or even go there in person and leave your resume or, if you are lucky, meet with the manager.

Take a walk anywhere in the UAE to look for possible jobs. If you are somewhere in the UAE, you can explore the area and see what job opportunities are around you. You can search for organizations and businesses around you and visit them. For example, below is a Google Maps search for “market near Sharjah”. You can see these locations to ask about job openings.

Searching for employment schemes

You can apply for an employment program or employment support program to help you find a job. These programs can be local or national. They may only be open to UAE residents, but they may also be available to foreigners. You can search for “UAE Employment Scheme” or “UAE Employment Program”. You can look for employment schemes at your local government or embassy.

There are many ways of getting a job in Dubai. Our team wishes you good luck! Check every resource and don’t give up.

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