Top 5 Ways to Make Your BigCommerce Store Mobile Friendly

If you happen to be an eCommerce merchant who is on the lookout for a reliable platform where you can showcase your products in a beautiful mobile store, then it’s about time that you turn to BigCommerce. It’s considered as the creme de la creme of eCommerce platforms not just because of its countless features but also for the ability to create a mobile store that loads at lightning speed and with maximum efficiency.

With BigCommerce, your customers can enjoy a seamless browsing experience from anywhere with an internet connection. So, if you’re still hesitant about joining this platform and taking your mobile store to new heights, what are you waiting for? 

In the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce, optimizing websites for mobile devices has become a crucial focus for businesses. As an e-commerce owner, staying ahead of this trend is imperative. By crafting a mobile-friendly BigCommerce store, you can simultaneously enhance customer satisfaction and boost online traffic. To achieve this, consider leveraging the power of DropinBlog for BigCommerce.

It’s no surprise that many businesses have turned their attention to optimizing their websites for mobile devices over the years. As an e-commerce owner, you especially don’t want to miss out on this trend. By creating a BigCommerce store that is mobile-friendly, you can increase customer satisfaction and online traffic in one fell swoop.

This indicates that if your store is not optimized for mobile devices, you may be missing out on a substantial number of potential consumers. This is why the demand for Bigcommerce Developers in Singapore is so high. There are several methods to make your BigCommerce store mobile-friendly.

This article examines the top five ways to make your store more mobile-friendly.

What are all the benefits users will get from a mobile-friendly store?

The eCommerce industry has reached an all-time high in 2023. To keep pace, business owners must stay ahead of the curve. Amidst the growing popularity of mobile-first or mobile-only experiences among businesses, it’s especially crucial to consider moving your eCommerce site in the same direction.

By providing a pleasant and convenient mobile experience for customers, you position yourself for long-term success. This means keeping up with current trends and catering to consumer preferences accordingly

As technology advances and more people rely on their smartphones for browsing the web, it is essential to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Investing in a big commerce development company can help you achieve this goal with ease. Responsive web design is an important feature that allows your website to adapt seamlessly to any device size. This means that whether your customers are using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, they will be able to effortlessly access all features of your website.

Tips for Optimising Your BigCommerce Store for mobile devices:

Improve your Page Loading Speed:

When it comes to running an online store, the swiftness with which your website loads is of utmost importance. It could mean the difference between a customer making a purchase or leaving your site altogether. As such, BigCommerce store owners must pay close attention to this aspect of their business and take proactive steps to improve page loading speeds.

Even though you may be operating on BigCommerce’s platform, it does not necessarily guarantee that your website will perform optimally in terms of speed.| If you are unable to make your online store mobile-friendly, you should contact the Bigcommerce website design companies for assistance.

Performance optimization can boost conversions and sales while keeping customers happy.

Simplify the purchasing process for the customer:

As an online business owner, it’s vital to understand that the checkout process can significantly impact customer satisfaction. A streamlined checkout procedure is key since customers don’t want to spend their time filling out long forms or creating new user accounts. Research demonstrates that a lengthy checkout method will most likely cause users to abandon their cart completely and make purchases on another website.

As an ambitious mobile-friendly Bigcommerce business owner, you must carefully develop your site’s framework.

Allowing consumers to check out as a guest without having to create an account can go a long way in enhancing their shopping experience. Not only does this save time and effort, preventing them from becoming frustrated, but it also expedites the process, leaving them with more time to enjoy other activities. Additionally, saving customer information for future purchases is a surefire way of promoting return business while making checkout smoother. By implementing these measures in your online store or e-commerce platform, you can offer your customers|a good checkout experience.

Make Your Site Easily Navigable:

To guarantee a positive customer experience when shopping on your BigCommerce website, simplicity in navigation is essential. This means that the menus and site layout need to be intuitive and user-friendly, especially when viewed on mobile devices. If you find yourself having trouble implementing these strategies effectively, it may be worthwhile to consider seeking the aid of reputable BigCommerce development companies in Singapore. Their knowledge may assist build an easy-to-use interface that encourages customers to browse and buy from your online business.

The expertise of these organizations in this field is extensive. They’ll make your BigCommerce store easy to use and provide customers with a great experience. Moreover, optimizing your store for mobile devices means customers will undoubtedly enjoy shopping with you even more. With your organization’s customers’ needs being put first, it’s not hard to imagine they’ll return for more in the future.

Turn on BigCommerce’s mobile theme:

Are you currently using one of BigCommerce’s Blueprint Themes? If so, it’s time to celebrate your good fortune! These themes magically resize to any device size without user intervention.  This fantastic feature ensures that your shop front looks great on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones alike. It is usually a good idea to activate the mobile theme for any theme that is not responsive, and BigCommerce strongly encourages doing so to provide the best experience possible for your clients.

When it comes to website navigation on mobile devices, the truth is that simply put, no one enjoys wasting their precious time trying to make sense of a site that hasn’t been tailored for the device they are using. This is where BigCommerce comes in with a solution to both your troubles and those of your consumers. By utilizing this platform, you can guarantee that everyone who shops in your store will enjoy a superior experience

Focus on Making clear CTA:

As big-commerce stores grow in popularity, the importance of creating a good first impression becomes more vital. If you are concerned about customers abandoning their shopping carts, it is crucial to ensure that your website’s design presents an easy-to-navigate pathway for users. Putting the purchase button above the fold on your website makes it easily apparent. By doing this, you eliminate any confusion or frustration around locating the purchase button at checkout time.

This strategy lets shoppers quickly retrieve their basket contents and complete their purchase without scrolling. The concept may be uncomplicated, but its impact on sales conversions can be paramount. Furthermore, incorporating this strategy into a website’s design is one way to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Wrap Up:

Each day we see the modern retail industry, consumer behavior is changing. No longer do physical stores hold sole sway over one’s purchasing decision. Rather, mobile devices have become an inseparable facet of the shopping experience. They serve not only as instruments of product and service research but also as tools for making transactions themselves. Thus, mobile users can impact our purchases even in real businesses.

Making your Bigcommerce store mobile-friendly is difficult, especially if you manage everything yourself. Fortunately, there are numerous professional Bigcommerce development companies located in Singapore that specialize in helping store owners with this task. If you find yourself struggling to make your store mobile-friendly, do not hesitate to reach out to one of these experienced teams for assistance. They have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you optimize your website for mobile devices.

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