Make Yoga as a Career! Become A Yoga Teacher

Make Yoga as a Career! Become A Yoga Teacher

Yoga is an ancient practice that has gained immense popularity worldwide in the last few decades. It not only promotes physical fitness but also mental and emotional wellbeing. With its numerous benefits, yoga has become a preferred choice of exercise for people from all walks of life. If you are passionate about yoga and want to make a career out of it, becoming a yoga teacher is an excellent option. In this blog, we will discuss the steps you can take to become a certified yoga teacher and pursue your passion.

Step 1: Learn Yoga

The first step towards becoming a yoga teacher is to learn yoga. There are various types of yoga, and it’s essential to understand the differences between them and find the one that resonates with you. Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Iyengar are some popular yoga styles. You can learn yoga by joining a yoga studio, attending online classes, or self-studying. 

Step 2: Choose a Yoga Teacher Training Course

To become a certified yoga teacher, you must complete a yoga teacher training course. The most popular yoga teacher training courses are the 200 hour, 300 hour, and 500 hour yoga teacher training courses. These courses offer comprehensive training in yoga philosophy, anatomy, teaching methodology, and practicum. 

Step 3: Attend a Yoga Teacher Training Course

Once you have chosen a yoga teacher training course, the next step is to attend it. During the course, you will learn about various aspects of yoga, including asanas, pranayama, meditation, and yogic philosophy. You will also learn how to teach yoga and design a yoga class. The training will be intense and demanding, but it will also be transformative and enriching.

Step 4: Obtain a Yoga Teacher Certification

After completing the yoga teacher training course, you will receive a yoga teacher certification. This certification will allow you to teach yoga in any part of the world. It’s essential to choose a yoga teacher training course that is accredited by Yoga Alliance, a global non-profit organization that sets standards for yoga education and training.

Step 5: Gain Teaching Experience

To become a successful yoga teacher, you must gain teaching experience. You can start by teaching at your local yoga studio or gym or offering private classes. Teaching yoga is not only about demonstrating asanas but also about creating a safe and nurturing environment for your students. 

There are several types of Yoga Teacher Training programs that you can choose from, depending on your level of expertise. The most popular ones are the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training, and 500 hour YTT Courses.

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

The 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is a foundational program that provides you with a solid understanding of yoga philosophy, anatomy, asanas, and teaching methodologies. It is an intensive program that requires dedication and commitment from the students. Upon completion of this program, you will be eligible to register as a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and start teaching yoga.

300 hour Yoga Teacher Training

The 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training is an advanced program that is designed for students who have completed the 200 hour YTT program and want to deepen their understanding of yoga. This program covers topics such as advanced asanas, pranayama, meditation, and yoga therapy. It also focuses on refining your teaching skills and developing your own teaching style.

500 hour YTT Courses

The 500 hour YTT Courses are the most comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training programs available. It is a combination of the 200 hour and 300 hour programs, and it provides you with an in-depth understanding of all aspects of yoga. This program is suitable for students who are serious about making yoga as a career and want to become experts in the field.

Yoga in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is the perfect place to learn and practice yoga. The city is surrounded by the majestic Himalayas, and the Ganges river flows through it. The peaceful and serene environment makes it an ideal location for yoga practice. Rishikesh is home to many ashrams, yoga studios, and Yoga Teacher Training schools.

Yoga Course in Rishikesh

There are many Yoga Teacher Training schools in Rishikesh that offer various Yoga Teacher Training programs. When choosing a school, it is important to do your research and select a reputable school that is certified by Yoga Alliance. The school should have experienced teachers who are passionate about yoga and are dedicated to teaching.


In conclusion, becoming a yoga teacher is a fulfilling and rewarding career choice. By following the steps mentioned above, you can start your journey towards becoming a certified yoga teacher and pursue your passion for yoga. Remember that yoga is a lifelong journey, and as a yoga teacher, you have the opportunity to inspire and guide others on their path to health and wellbeing.

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