The Internet’s Role in Democratizing Access to Entertainment and Media

As human beings, all of us have an innate desire to not only work but also entertain ourselves. We are not robots or machines that can work constantly and not have time to unwind or relax. Over time, our definition of entertainment has evolved and in its current form, a vast majority of it is digital or online. However, a situation that doesn’t always see the light of day is the digital divide and lack of accessibility to this entertainment. For a long time, access to entertainment and different forms of media was limited by various factors that include lack of proper technology or access to the internet. If you click here, you will find yourself at the home of Mediacom Internet which can solve all of these problems for you! 

However, as the internet became more commonplace, we saw that the world around us began to change. Entertainment was more readily available and could be consumed much more easily by more people. This article will delve into how the internet made this possible for the masses. 

The Old Model: Traditional Media

Traditional media is often defined as any form of media or communication channels that existed before the digital renaissance that we live in now. This includes televisions, older films, newspapers, books, and magazines. While these mediums were different from each other, they embodied the same characteristics. 

With TV, content is created by a TV network and broadcast to an audience over cable or satellite. Billions of people grew up with this but we had little control over what we watched or when we watched it. With film, there is a whole team of people involved, and months of production that goes into making a movie from start to finish. When this film is released, it is available in cinemas and while this has been the norm for decades, it has started to lose steam. 

With traditional media, there is a plague of gatekeepers who decide what is created and how it is distributed. Seeing as everything in this space has been commercialized, executives in boardrooms decide which movie is shown where and with which cut. In the past, this worked but when the internet came around and on-demand content started to appear, older formats of entertainment started becoming obsolete. The internet removed many of the barriers and limitations that traditional methods would use to keep things in control. 

The Rise of the Internet

All of this changed when the internet came around and gained traction. As it entered more areas of our lives, it waved its wand of convenience and started to make life a lot simpler for its users. The entertainment industry also saw a number of changes across the board and this marked the beginning of the end for traditional media. In other words, we have seen a democratization of entertainment that has allowed for wider reach and more diverse representation. 

This all started back when blogs and online communities started to gain traction. Being able to create and post in an online community allowed for niche communities based on specific topics to form. This paved the way for growth in the likes of fanfiction and fan culture i.e. fans creating their own unique content. 

A more modern iteration of internet-based entertainment is on-demand content. Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify are the perfect example of the internet and entertainment. They have vast libraries of on-demand content that is accessible at any time, for any duration, and on a variety of devices. You can watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and internet content creators, and listen to your favorite music whenever you want. The internet ushered in the era of on-demand content that completely blew traditional entertainment out of the water for good. 

This format saw more change when streaming services arrived and opened the doors for live content. and YouTube mastered the art of live streaming content which meant that pre-recorded content wasn’t needed anymore either. All you needed was a camera, microphone, and internet connection to start live streaming. On this note, Mediacom Internet is one of the finer choices if you are in the market for strong and reliable internet. If you pick from one of the Mediacom bundle deals, you can get a super value-packed offering that does more than simply provide you with the internet. 

These are just a few of the countless ways the internet has revolutionized the world around us. It has transformed the entertainment industry and given creators more control over what they can create and distribute. It has also facilitated the emergence of new forms of entertainment while causing quite a few problems for traditional media. 

Benefits of Internet Access to Entertainment and Media

Now that we have raved about how the internet and entertainment go hand-in-hand, we should talk about the various benefits that the Internet offers. Content creators and consumers both leverage these benefits to their advantage in their own unique ways. 

Lower Costs And Wider Availability 

Since the internet is so readily available, entertainment is readily available and the subsequent cost of both has gone down over the year. Unlike traditional media which costs significantly more for lesser content, internet-based content is available more readily and at an economically feasible price. You essentially get more content for a lower cost. 

Greater Diversity in Programming 

Just as the internet opens the doors to a world of knowledge and opportunity, it also opens the doors to massive libraries of content. This on-demand content includes all forms of legacy and new content which puts more variety in the hands of the end user. Thanks to the internet, we have also seen a renaissance in digital content creation owing to the fact that anyone with a smart device, access to a social network, and an internet connection can play their part.

More Opportunities for Creators 

Building on the last point, platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo among others have opened up doors for a lot of creators. For zero start-up costs, anyone can start creating content online. By remaining consistent with their content and gradually upgrading their quality, many content creators have seen otherworldly levels of success. This is thanks to the internet making it incredibly easy for anyone with an internet connection to get started and scale their efforts. 


By democratizing access to the internet, it is now possible for anyone to get an internet connection and become a part of the global economy. If you are also interested in getting a new connection or upgrading your existing one, do yourself a favor and look for internet providers in my area and find one that works for you.

At the cost of sounding like a broken drum, the internet has changed a lot of the world around us. It has made the world smarter, faster, and more efficient. The internet has opened doors for all sorts of creative outlets and each day it continues to change the way we do things. When it comes to the world of entertainment and media, the internet has revolutionized the way content is produced, shared, and consumed. It has made the entire process streamlined and if you have a mobile device and an internet connection, you can consume just about any type of content you want.

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Macy Davis is an enthusiastic content writer with over a decade of experience. She has authored several articles for a diverse range of industries. She also sees herself as an explorer who wants to document every discovery made on her exciting journey. What makes her stand out is her belief that conveying her interpretation in the most thorough manner possible will strengthen her relationship with her readers.


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