Things to look for choosing a private label drink manufacturer

Finding private label drink manufacturers is not enough, here is the process.

Before getting in touch with the manufacturers

Reading reviews from verified purchases can be a useful way to identify potentially dubious manufacturers. When perusing reviews of products, pay attention to how the manufacturer responds to negative feedback, and also take note of any verifications.

Additionally, it’s important to investigate a manufacturer’s product specialization. Viewing images of their past work and sales can help you determine if they specialize in producing what you want to sell. It’s best to avoid working with manufacturers who are jacks of all trades but masters of none.

Price is another factor to consider. Don’t make the mistake of ordering an item for $20 when the best seller is available on Amazon for $20 or less. Take the time to shop around and compare prices with other suppliers. Finally, if a manufacturer lists their minimum order quantity that can also be very helpful information to have.

You should also get the shipping information:

  • What is the cost of shipping in bulk?
  • How can you save on shipping?
  • Does the manufacturing company ships to your location?

Before reaching out to suppliers, it’s important to have a business license and bank account in place. Using personal information can make it harder to be taken seriously by reputable suppliers and increase the risk of falling prey to sketchy ones. This applies to suppliers as well. When contacting them, make sure to request their verified business name, bank account information, licenses, and certifications.

During initial contact

After collecting all the necessary information, it’s important to reach out to potential suppliers and confirm the accuracy of the data. It’s also crucial to verify if they offer private labeling, white labeling, or both. Some suppliers may use the term ‘private label’ on their websites but actually provide white labeling services.

After getting a positive response

Once you receive a response from the company confirming the information you requested and providing details that meet your expectations, it’s time to request a sample.

When sourcing products, samples are essential to evaluate the quality and ensure that you are satisfied before making a bulk order.

While some companies offer free samples, shipping from an overseas manufacturer can be costly. It’s not always feasible to travel to the manufacturer’s location to assess the product, so shipping expenses are often necessary.

If this is your first venture, it’s advisable to start with simple and scalable products without trying to reinvent the wheel.

While vetting for quality, shipping, price, and other factors, it’s important to note that running a private label business involves legal risks. These risks can arise from regulations, trademarks, or the materials used in your products. Some brands have faced lawsuits due to these issues. It’s recommended to use a private-label guide and educate yourself before proceeding.

Before entering into a business relationship, it’s essential to sign a contract, even if the manufacturer appears trustworthy. A verbal conversation is insufficient, and having a contract in place can prevent future issues.


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