Selenium Career Opportunities: Perks Of Being A Automation Testing Professional In 2023!

Selenium Career Opportunities: Perks Of Being A Automation Testing Professional In 2023!

An open-source framework called Selenium automates tests on various platforms and browsers. Selenium Test Scripts are written in multiple computer languages, including Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, Perl, and others. Selenium is a collection of software that meets all of an organisation’s testing requirements rather than just being one tool. WebDriver, Selenium Grid, the Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and Selenium Remote Control are the list of products that make Selenium the most well-liked and ideal choice among automation (RC). For having the right knowledge in testing, have the Selenium Training in Chennai for effective learning and teaching on specialised tools.

History Of Selenium

Jason Huggins created Selenium at ThoughtWorks in 2004. He was performing regular testing on an internal Time and Expenses program. He made the “JavaScriptTestRunner” to test the web application’s functionality. This program would automatically control the operations of the browser. He gave it the moniker “JavaScriptTestRunner.” He changed the program’s name to Selenium Core and made it an open-source project after realising that it could also automate other web apps.

There were several restrictions on the Selenium Core, such as the “same origin policy.” By developing Selenium 1 or Selenium RC (Remote Control), which had a Selenium Client and a Selenium Server, Paul Hammant of ThoughtWorks could get around this restriction. Additionally, it supported several programming languages.

After using automated testing, 24% of businesses noticed an immediate improvement in ROI. (MS Activate)[1]

Selenium Career Opportunities

If you enjoy software testing and work as an automated test engineer, learning the technical aspects of Selenium is undoubtedly the best course of action for you. Because skilled Selenium test automation experts are the way of the future because businesses are using web applications more frequently, Selenium is in high demand, and the test automation market is gradually growing.

Additionally, Selenium reduces the number of testing cycles required, making functional testing more straightforward and accessible for clients to see ROI much faster. It is recognized as a potent open-source automation tool renowned for its successful delivery. Numerous businesses all across the world use Selenium resources to assess their requirements. With other major corporations like Google, Mozilla, LinkedIn, IBM, etc., Selenium is the test automation tool for tech titans like Microsoft, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Here are a few typical employment roles that Selenium WebDriver professionals can consider.

You have arrived at the appropriate place if you are considering a career in web testing. We’ll review the numerous Selenium job options available to qualified and credentialed testers. The demand for Selenium Web Testing is one of the essential aspects of many businesses today. Selenium is unquestionably one of the best tools to assist developers with automation testing when discussing web testing technologies. Consequently, there is an increasing demand for Selenium Web Testers, which will only grow exponentially. Selenium surged to the top of the list of web testing technologies with an enormous 300 percent increase in job posts over the previous year.

The Popularity Of Selenium WebDriver

Selenium always enters the equation when discussing which automated testing framework is the best for the market. Selenium is one of the most powerful frameworks for automated testing because it is used by many developers worldwide. To automate testing, Selenium IDE can be combined with several search engines. We know other automated testing frameworks are available, so why do we choose Selenium? Why is it chosen above the competition?

A Non-Proprietary Software

Selenium is a freely available, open-source software program. There are no up-front costs for developers to use it. Using Selenium, we may modify the code to improve its management and increase the functionality of the built-in functions and classes. Because it can generate test scripts, Selenium WebDriver is a tried-and-true web automation tool.

Multi-Browser Compatibility

Selenium offers web automation functionality for a variety of well-known browsers. To ensure that the application functions precisely as it must in all browsers, it may be coupled with a testing framework like TestNG to build an an.xml file that will map to the Test Cases in an file. It enables a large audience to access and use the web application in their favourite browser.

The quicker API provided by Selenium WebDriver is simple to explore. One of the two widely used architectures, REST or SOAP, is the foundation for most APIs. If the target API is SOAP-based, we may test it using SOAP UI. In the application development and software development industries in Australia, the UK, India, and the US, where job openings and pay scales are on the rise, Selenium Testing is a highly sought-after expertise.

Selenium Job Salary Perspectives

Let’s now discuss how Selenium job salaries change based on employees’ skill sets, years of industry experience, and the companies they worked for. As they determine the range in job salaries among employees, even those working for the same company skill sets and experience factors weigh the most among them in the automation testing profession.

The Senior Automation Engineer’s compensation scales up to $800,000 annually in India. However, the typical pay scale for Selenium Automation Test Engineers is around $442,000.It’s interesting to note that, according to Glassdoor, these numbers have no upper limit.

On the other hand, according to Glassdoor, the average annual income for a Selenium Tester in the US is between US$21k and US$162k. Businesses’ compensation for selenium jobs varies depending on skill sets and prior experience. According to Indeed, the annual income range for Selenium testers in the US is between $62,509 and $100,971.

With more expertise in a given field, there is almost always a great likelihood that one’s income will rise. However, one should remember that there is no shortcut to experience; to pursue a prosperous job, one must continue to be actively involved in this field. Selenium testers have the potential for tremendous career progression. They can always learn new skills to advance, look forward to senior positions, and thus thrive in their career path after beginning as trainees.

Automation Testing Using Selenium

In an era of highly dynamic and responsive software processes, global firms must face the challenge of enhancing performance and resolving pressing problems. The majority of businesses have adopted Agile techniques to comply with the requirements.

Test automation is the foundation of Agile development, which is becoming a must for software projects. Structure and regression studies can be reproduced with Selenium. Every business has begun utilising Selenium to lower the expense of manual testing. This automated testing tool eliminates tedious manual effort, allows quicker input, lowers the cost of manual testing, reliably speeds up test execution, and ensures accurate testing.

Developers use it to test for browser regression. After becoming familiar with the repository, business analysts, functional testers, and developers use MS Excel or the script editor to create automated keyword scripts. It is increased by quality assurance specialists to test all platforms for regression testing across browsers. Until Selenium has a GUI interface, QA can cover all types of functional testing, including system, sanity, smoke, integration, and acceptance testing.

Future Applications of Selenium: Major Companies Hiring Selenium Testers

The market for test automation is constantly expanding with high demand for Selenium as web applications are seen as the next big thing by many businesses worldwide. Many prestigious enterprises worldwide rely on Selenium resources for their needs in test automation. Selenium will assist you in securing a more advantageous and satisfying position in your work if you are prepared to go deeply into test automation and develop advanced-level skills.

However, the software has been created with flaws; this demonstrates the constant necessity for automation testing. As a result, Selenium has a promising future filled with several potentials. Last but not least, you should have the following talents to become a Selenium Professional.

Selenium will be a cream puff for us if we prepare to delve deeply into Software Testing and acquire advanced-level skills. For career advancement, we may continuously improve our skills. Testing is the “most popular phase of software delivery in which Artificial Intelligence is utilised,” according to Forrester’s research.

Using this free and easy tool will ensure a successful career because most organisations will always require software for various functions. Every piece of software has always been created with flaws. Selenium is used extensively for testing by many multinational organisations (MNCs), such as Facebook, Microsoft, Cognizant, HP, Accenture, and others. They collaborate with certified Selenium testers who have years of experience.

In a software development process, the fields of development and testing constantly need talented testers who can assist with the quick release of new versions and the maintenance of the product. Automation testing is a cutting-edge field. Due to the many advantages Selenium offers, it is a popular technology that tempts us to consider a profession in Selenium Testing.

Selenium Jobs in 2022

Software testing professions are anticipated to be in great demand in India in 2022, with 27,453 new positions expected to become available, according to Naukri estimates that about 5,297 Selenium job vacancies are waiting to evaluate our abilities and hire us.

These statistics unmistakably demonstrate that if we devote enough time and effort to consistently practising and upskilling, there are fantastic prospects for us to succeed in our careers. Let’s now discuss how we improve our testing-related skills. The blog’s next section will also cover numerous Selenium jobs we can obtain with our Selenium Testing talents.


After extensive discussion on this subject, Selenium offers many options for experts looking to advance their careers. People with expertise in this technology can also gain significantly in the years to come because automation is the cornerstone of the tech sector. Are you interested in becoming an authority on Selenium? Start your Selenium career by enrolling in our Selenium Certification course with Infycle Technologies! If you have any inquiries about the potential career paths for Selenium, let us know by leaving a comment below, and we’ll respond with the best answer.

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