Medical Research: Core Idea, Ways To Improve And Challenges

Medical research

Medical research is when scientists and doctors work together to discover new information about how our bodies work. The purpose of medical research is to find out ways to maximize health and human performance.

Moreover, it allows them to find new ways to prevent or treat illnesses and diseases. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s important. Now assume for a second that scientists working in Europe find a new way to cure a terminal disease. All of their medical research is in their native language. So their new findings would only be able to reach the developing nations if they were translated. And that’s where medical research translation comes in. 

Core Ideas of Medical Research Translation:

Medical research translation is translating documents related to clinical trials or new preventive measures for disease into multiple languages. 

The core idea behind this is to facilitate the communication of significant medical research findings and data to a diverse audience. Doing so helps to improve the accuracy and accessibility of health information to a lot of people living worldwide. 

Improving Medical Research Translation Services:

Acquire Expertise

The first thing to do is to hire qualified and experienced medical translators. Because they possess specialized knowledge and expertise in medical terminology and translation techniques, their deep understanding of the discipline will never lead to complete translations. 

Technology Is Key

Technology is fundamental to attaining accuracy and efficiency for healthcare translation services. If an agency incorporates machine translation software while performing translations, it can handle large volumes of documents. However, it is important to have human translators review machine-generated translations. 


To ensure consistency of translations, it is important to establish a quality control process. This can include reviewing translations for formatting and readability. On top of that, having multiple translators check and edit each translation is always a recommended step. 

Create Specialized Glossaries

Translation companies must create specialized glossaries of medical terms and research methodologies. This can help reduce the risk of errors or misinterpretation.

Now that we have discussed some ways medical translations could be improved, it is imperative to review what challenges translation services for healthcare usually face

Challenges Faced by Medical Research Translation Services:

Medical research translation services face various challenges.

Firstly, there is a constant struggle to comply with all the rules and regulations. So even if you hire the best translators and acquire advanced translation systems, you can only operate smoothly if the law is in your court. 

Secondly, when dealing with medical translations, there is always a challenge of time constraints hanging above you. Clients expect efficient and timely delivery from you. Hence, translation firms have to meet their expectations every time.

Thirdly, the field of medicine and healthcare is very technical and specialized. Hence, dealing with complex terminologies is arduous; translating it into a foreign language where you might not find the exact replacements for that word. 

Now that we have discussed some challenges as well. Let us share a case study that will showcase the benefits of scientific translation service. 


Case Study:

In 2019, a major pharmaceutical company contracted a medical research translation company to translate a clinical trial protocol into multiple languages. The clinical trial was conducted in several countries and involved patients with a rare disease. The translation company worked closely with the pharmaceutical company to ensure the translations were accurate and culturally appropriate for each country.

The translation company utilized a team of medical experts with experience in the rare disease field. They ensured that the translations were consistent across all languages and that all medical terminology was accurately translated.

The translated clinical trial protocol was then submitted to regulatory authorities in each country, and the trial was successfully conducted with patients worldwide. 

The translation services provided by the organization assisted patients from diverse backgrounds in understanding and participating in the clinical trial, ultimately contributing to the successful development of a new treatment for the rare disease.

This case study illustrates how medical report translation can facilitate global collaboration in medical research and advance the development of new disease treatments.


Translation Services’ Role In Our  Daily Lives;

Translation services play a critical role in the daily lives of ordinary people, especially those who speak languages other than English. They ensure that patients can access accurate health information, regardless of their language or cultural background. 

It improves health outcomes and promotes patient engagement in their healthcare. Furthermore,  patients understand their healthcare options and can make informed decisions. 

Future of Medical Research Translation:

The future of medical research translation looks promising, with continued technological advancements and increasing global collaboration in medical research.

We expect it to revolutionize the translation industry, making translation services faster and more accurate. Additionally, the growing demand for medical research translation services is expected to drive the industry’s growth, with more companies investing in language-specific expertise and technology.


Medical research translation plays a crucial role in disseminating health information globally. Despite the challenges, the industry is expected to grow. Ultimately,  patients worldwide will have access to the health information they need to make informed decisions about their health.


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