Why Data Entry Operators Should Invest in a Portable Laptop Monitor

As the name of the post suggests, the main responsibility of a data entry operator is to enter data which usually goes into a database or an excel sheet. The entire process of entering data is known as data entry, and it may sound incredibly straightforward, but in reality, it can become quite a difficult task.

Even though data entry can seem pretty straightforward at first, data entry operators are required to enter hundreds of thousands of words worth of information a day.

In addition to that, the data to be entered or updated can also contain special instructions, making it difficult to efficiently enter or update information.

Due to this, one of the most sought-after qualities which should be present in every data entry operator is their ability to multitask and work with utmost productivity, which is where the portable laptop monitor comes in.

Many organizations are coming up with technological advancements aimed towards convenience, with one very productive invention being a portable monitor aimed to be light and easy to set up.

Many products in the market, such as the Mobile Pixels Duex Plus portable laptop monitor which have achieved the perfect balance of size and performance are the perfect addition to any data entry operator’s work setup.

Let us discuss this in greater detail, highlighting why the portable laptop monitor is the perfect display accessory for every data entry operator to excel in their field.

Reason Why Data Entry Operators Should Invest in This Invention

  • Good for Multitasking

As discussed earlier, a quality you must possess when trying to progress as a data entry operator is the ability to multitask efficiently.

When working in the data entry field, you must perform many other jobs, such as answering any potential business calls you might receive or any additional task you might have been assigned during that day.

Your efficiency in multitasking is essential in these cases primarily because you are given a great amount of data to enter, and you have limited time to do so, meaning that your work cannot stop, no matter the case and the availability of multiple monitors makes a great difference when multitasking.

If you would have more than a single monitor at your disposal when performing data entry, you can make sure that you are performing other tasks in conjunction with entering data, allowing you to simultaneously finish your assigned tasks for the day, all the while not breaking your workflow as well.

 Moreover, when entering data, there will also be instances where you would need to drag and drop different elements which would go with each item for which you have entered the data.

When dealing with such a situation, having a single monitor setup can constantly hinder your workflow, needing you to constantly switch tabs for other information.

However, having multiple monitors at your disposal would allow you to keep both sheets open, resulting in a consistently smooth workflow and mitigating any possible interruptions you might face while on the job.

  • Productivity

In addition to being able to multitask, another quality that many companies actively look for in every data entry operator is their ability to be productive at all times. Since data entry requires heaps of data to be regularly added to the database, they must be alert and on the job at all times.

However, having a single-screen setup can often result in a situation where the display can either get stuck in place or stop working entirely.

In the case of a single-screen setup, there is a high possibility that your attention may be diverted to someplace else, not only damaging your workflow but also being the cause for losing your entire thought process for the data to be entered.

However, a great benefit to having a Portable Laptop Monitor is that you would always have a backup screen available just in case the primary monitor gets stuck in position, boosting productivity.


The portable laptop monitor is considered to be a revolutionary display accessory whose presence is rapidly increasing, becoming an essential accessory for a wide variety of organizations due to its ease of access and the increase in productivity it provides to people.

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