Surah Mulk is the ninth surah of the Quran and it is about the law of Allah.

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The Surah Mulk is one of the longest surahs in the Quran, and it is also one of the most important. The surah has a lot to teach Muslims, and it can help them understand why Allah chose certain laws and rituals over others. For example, some of the topics covered in Surah Mulk include worshiping Allah Alone, justice, fasting during Ramadan, and giving charity.

      • What is Surah Mulk? What does it teach Muslims?
      • The Law in Surah Mulk:
      • The Main Points of Surah Mulk:
      • The Structure of Surah Mulk:

What is Surah Mulk? What does it teach Muslims?

Surah Mulk is the sixth surah of the Qur’an and it is about justice. The title surah means “the command.” It teaches Muslims how to live in a just society by following Islamic law. This law is based on five principles: honesty, truth, sincerity, impartiality, and equality.

The Law in Surah Mulk:

This Surah, the longest of the Qur’an, is a collection of laws and decrees governing everyday life. It was revealed in Mecca at a time when the Muslims were facing many challenges, including external aggression from their enemies and internal strife caused by disagreements over religious beliefs.

The overall purpose of this Surah is to provide guidance to Muslims so that they can live harmoniously within society and adhere to the established law. This law consists of both moral rules and legal prescriptions that must be followed by all Muslims, regardless of their social status or wealth.

The Main Points of Surah Mulk:

The Surah Mulk (Sura 9) is the longest sura in the Quran and is divided into three sections. The first section comprises of 6 verses and talks about Allah’s sovereignty. The second section has 10 verses and deals with the duties of believers towards Allah. The third section has 12 verses and discusses how believers should live their life.

The Structure of Surah Mulk:

Surah Mulk is the longest surah in the Quran and it has a total of 112 verses. The verses are organized into six main sections or ‘aayaat’. These aayaat are subdivided into smaller units, known as khafaa’ir, which are again divided into subsections (raka’ib). The overall structure of Surah Mulk can be summarized as follows:

1) The first section, Al-Ikhlas (The Purity), consists of 6 aayaat that introduce the topic of purity and guidance.

2) The second section, Al-Falaq (The Dawn), deals with issues such as prayer and fasting. It also includes two ayat about fighting in Allah’s cause.

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