5 Ways to Build Unique Living Units

As a real estate investor, it should be in your mission to ensure that you invest in projects that not only yield considerable profits, but be part of pace setters in the industry that drives market forces.  What if you are only getting started? How do you leave a mark or start off at a good pace? It’s quite simple actually. The secret is based on how you invest.


Living units are residential complexes that can be leased to families. It is a good source of income and depending on the state you are in, the taxes are quite favorable. With that in mind, here’s how you can build unique living units. 

1.Work on the Designs

The best way to start any project, really, is to work on the design. Architectural designs are especially important in real estate project.You can start by vetting architectures until you get the one that meets your specifications. You want to focus on quality structural designs that will ensure that you do not end up in trouble with the law.


Every design will determine the amount of materials that will be needed and preferably the number of workers that could be needed to complete your project. Ensure that you work with architectures that are satisfied to work and their licenses are up to date.

2. Acquire the Needed Materials


Every real estate project requires materials. You need to work closely with the architecture. The best part about this is that your architect(s) is incharge of handling the whole project. So you have considerably less stress. That does not mean that you just abandon the project. Check out www.tubomart.com to buy and install a plumbing system with a long life so that the house does not have occasional drainage obstructions. You must keep in touch with your architect to know anything additional that is needed to ensure that your project goes on smoothly. 

3. Invest in Interior Design

Best interior designers can turn your living units into a masterpiece. The Investment on interior designs will depend on the area that your project is being worked on. The interior designer you choose should be able to do amazing work. If the living units have other rooms, there are tons of interior doors to choose from. The interior designer also selects the right lightning depending on the interior structure of the living units. 


Knowing that these living units are going to be a stream of income for years, you should vet the interior designers carefully. Some of the things that you should be especially keen on include:

  • License to practice in the state.
  • Prior projects to see their creations and level of success.
  • The budget which is included in the proposal.
  • The company they work for.
  • The customer reviews, both positive and negative.

It’s wise to keep in mind that every interior designer has their specific unique touch on their work. So if you are not sure what you are looking for in interior design, you can see multiple presentations to get a wide pool of designs to choose from. 


The interior designer is also responsible for special areas like the kitchen, bathrooms and living rooms. Ensure that you work with someone who is not scared of putting their best creative instincts into good use. The difference between a good and excellent interior living space layout is based on the work of an interior designer. Give them space to put their best work into action.

4. Incorporate Parking Spaces

Parking spaces are currently being used by people to determine whether the living units are suitable to be inhibited. Most people like to go to bed knowing that their cars are not just left outside the building for anyone with an ulterior motive to explore. You need the potential tenants to know that their car will be well protected within the building.


If you want to have more living units and still a parking space within the building, underground parking should be your go-to plan. It gives your living units a nice touch and its value is considerably higher. 

5. Open-Roof Plan

There are people that enjoy having plants or a simple open space for say, yoga, exercise and small gathering areas. Open roof-top plans are a current trend in the real estate realm. Give your tenants the luxury to watch the city from the comfort of their rental building. After a long day, it’s more of a treat.


The Bottom Line

Surviving in real estate depends on your ability to go past the norm and offer a unique setting to your tenants. Always study your prospective location before deciding on what living units will appeal to the community you are trying to invest in. Good luck!

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