Bodhi Ransom Green Gender, Bio and Parents Net worth

Bodhi Ransom Green is a child of super famous actors Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. Bodhi Ransom Green gender is male and he was born February 12th 2014. He looks just his mom Megan, he has the same bright blue eyes which makes him one of the cutest celebrity kids today. Megan occasionally posts pictures of her son on Instagram which has made him famous. He was named Bodhi because Megan follows the Buddhism religion and in that religion the name Bodhi means “Awakened or enlightened”. Bodhi is a unique name but he does share his name with an Australian actress’s son named Bodhi Rain. His parents have kept him away from social media because of his age but he still became popular because of his massively successful parents.

Personal Life

Megan Fox met Brian Austin Green on the set of movie “Hope and Faith” in 2004. That’s when they started their relationship and in year 2006 they got engaged but then the engagement was broken end of that year and the couple decided to take a break. They got together again in 2010 and in the summer of that year they got engaged again and finally got married as well.

After staying together for a while Megan got pregnant with Bodhi and gave birth to him on 12th of February 2014 at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital. The paparazzi at the time wanted to cover the whole story but the couple wanted to shield their child from all spot light which led to criticism later on.

After settling in with the baby Megan introduced him to the world through “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. A year after the birth of Bodhi Ransom Green it was revealed that Megan had filed for divorce and wants custody of both her sons. However the couple worked through their differences and Megan got pregnant again with their third child. This was a tumultuous time in the family and they were furious with the media for invading their privacy and not leaving their family alone.

As we have discussed above Bodhi Ransom Green’ gender is male and he is the second son of Megan and Brian. He has an older brother Noah Shanon Green who was born two years prior to his birth on September 27th 2012 and also younger brother named Journey River Green who was born on August 4th 2016. He also has a step-brother named Kassius who was born in 2002 from Brian Austin Green and his partner at the time Vanessa Marcil.

Bodhi’s grand parents are Franklin Thomas Fox, Gloria Darlene Fox, Joyce Green, and George Green. Bodhi sometimes appears on Instagram with his family and is often seen on vacations but his education and more personal details are kept a secret because the family wants to keep Bodhi away from all spot light so that he can have a normal childhood.

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