Traditional Wedding Cakes from Around the World

Did you know that there are different traditional wedding cakes available across the globe? Different religions have the traditional wedding cakes they use on their wedding day. But, in our opinion, would it not be better to pick other traditional cake designs on our big day to explore different cultures and their delicacies? 

Wedding cakes come in a range of styles, textures, hues, and patterns. A trendy wedding cake would undoubtedly be eye-catching and lip-smacking. But, if you are planning a destination wedding, then you and your partner might be more interested in focusing on appreciating the location of your wedding, or maybe you have an interest in adopting some other culture’s delicacy. So, What better way to accomplish that than with a customary wedding cake that is enjoyed all around the world? Did you know that these traditional cake designs can also be used in baking cakes for your anniversary, or you can always order your favourite trending anniversary cakes

The choice of your wedding cake actually reflects the preferences of both you and your partner, which is a great thing. Additionally, even if you want to include a traditional wedding cake from a particular region, keep in mind that it can still be fashioned with a contemporary flair to match the theme of your wedding. 

Read on for some remarkable traditional cake designs you can also opt for. If you want, you can also order a customised cake per your requirements. 

Rum Cake, Jamaica

Who just wouldn’t desire rum-soaked cake? After all, it is once in a lifetime celebration! This classic cake includes prunes, currants, sultanas, and macerated cherries, among other fruits. The cake is topped with almond paste and royal icing once it has been baked, after which it is steeped in black rum to add taste and moisture. It has a rich flavour, and the rum enhances its looks and tastes ten folds. 

Rice Cake, Korea

In Korean culture, rice cakes are baked for a variety of important occasions, including having to serve as a traditional wedding dessert. Although there are several different ways to make these adorned delicacies, many of them include rice, sugar, and an assortment of beans that are then shaped into miniature cakes or cupcakes. The cakes are then steam-cooked and can either be presented with homemade floral decorations or unadorned.

Kek Kapis, Indonesia

Given how many layers it has, you can see why this magnificent cake would only be displayed for rare occasions, such as weddings. Well, because weddings most certainly fit that bill category! The classic flavouring of this cake, also known as a thousand-layer cake, is equally as exceptional in its outstanding appearance. These cakes take quite a long time to prepare because the baker arranges delicate sponge cakes that are each made with a unique traditional spice blend and plenty of effort.

Rich Fruit Cake, Britain

This is unquestionably hardly your typical fruit cake. Traditionally, this extravagant cake would be constructed by soaking a rich fruit cake in alcohol, coating it in marzipan, and then adding rolled-out fondant to the top. This decadent cake can be stacked high to make a striking display on the dessert table. These firm cakes can be stacked to create a large, impressive cake and are frequently decorated with elaborately piped royal icing details, sugar flowers, and other things.

Kransekake, Norway

Kransekake is very striking and sticks out so tall. The cookie rings have delicate almond flavours with a slight crunch. This sweet delicacy from Norway is made up of stacked rings of almond dough capped with royal icing, and these conventionally stacked candies are frequently embellished with piped royal icing, miniature flags, or sugar flowers. You can also choose to conceal a surprise inside the empty rings.

In India, cutting a cake is a modern custom taken from the western world. Indians have been exploring cakes and their designs and have come up with exquisite cake shapes and designs for their weddings and anniversaries. India is rich in religions and cultures, and people have diverse designs. You can also make a bespoke cake and order a customised wedding cake for your big day. These cakes are also used as anniversary cakes as both occasions are interlinked and focus on the milestones that people will achieve and have already been completed.

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