Famous Cat Paintings For “Art Lovers Who Like Cats”

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Many cat lovers worldwide are thrilled to learn that there are countless classic cat paintings masterfully done by renowned painters. The good news is: You can admire these adorable masterpieces in various museums and exhibition centers scattered in the world’s famous cities.

So, for decades the furry animal, much adored by millions around the globe, has not been a mere object of affection. Instead, the cat has inspired men and women to produce some of the most remarkable artistic works ever imagined.

Why not examine one famous cat painting-after another- and plunge knee-deep into famous cat art? So let’s hop right in to do that.

Barbers Shop with Monkeys and Cats by Abraham Teniers

In this work, the 16th-century Flemish artist Abraham Teniers paints a series of intriguing scenes set in a humble barber’s shop. Among the humble characters depicted in these paintings are monkeys and cats; many wonder why Teniers included these specific animals in his paintings. Did he find them amusing? Was he making a statement about the absurdity of human vanity?

Whatever the case, the monkeys and cats in paintings add an element of humor to the otherwise mundane scenes in his work. This painting is a fantastic example of Teniers’ talent for creating lively, entertaining scenes. The artist’s use of color and light is particularly striking; the inclusion of animals makes his barber shop paintings unique.

The painting vividly depicts the everyday reality of life in a barbershop. The work is widely acclaimed as a remarkable snapshot of a mundane moment in time- the shop full of activity and the animals enriching a peculiar environment.

Three Siamese Cats by Winifred Humphrey

Try to picture the scene; three Siamese cats live together in a small apartment. They are excellent friends-doing everything together, including going to the same veterinarian. When one cat gets sick, the others care for their friend.

Thus, in his painting, “Three Siamese Cats,” Winifred Humphrey tells the story of a trio born in the same litter and having a special bond. The cats, Squeaky, Snuggles, and Simon, are always together; they even sleep in the same bed. They are so close that they have their secret language. Then, one day, the three cats go outside to explore the neighborhood.

The cats have fun and lose track of time when it gets dark. They become anxious that their owner will be worried about them, so they rush home. On the way, they see a big, scary dog. The three cats huddle together and use their secret language to communicate. They devise a secret plan to get past the dog and succeed!

Departure of the Cats from the Circus by Jean-Leone Gerome

In his famous painting, Departure of the Cats from the Circus, Jean-Leon Gerome paints a scary scene of chaos and confusion. The cats flee the circus, and the clowns run after them. The colors are bright, and the scene is raucous. Admittedly, Gerome’s artwork is both fun and whimsical.

Gérome’s acclaimed painting beautifully captures the moment the cats leave the circus. The artwork is full of movement and energy; the cats jump and play while trying to escape. The bright colors and dynamic composition make Gerome’s work a festive work of art.

Undoubtedly, The Departure of the Cats is an iconic painting, much cherished by art lovers for centuries. The cats are shown to be tired and weary, suggesting that they have had a long and exhausting day at the circus. The cats are all different colors, and they all wear collars.

The artwork is a moving portrayal of a beautiful bond between humans and animals- and the compassion we feel for them. Gerome uses a limited palette of colors; the effect is astounding for these old cat paintings.

White Cats Watching Goldfish by Arthur Heyer

Many art lovers admire Arthur Heyer’s “White Cats Watching Goldfish” as a delightful work that masterfully captures the cat’s playful nature. Heyer’s white cats are perched atop a fishbowl, their tails gently waving in the air. The goldfish swim lazily below, their fins shimmering in the light.

The serene scene deeply captivates thousands of cat lovers and art enthusiasts with their most  favorite famous cat paintings.

In the “White Cats Watching Goldfish,” we see a group of innocent felines attentively observing a school of goldfish in a glass bowl. The cats are all white; this gives the painting a calm, peaceful feeling. Indeed, the goldfish swim peacefully around the bowl; the cats patiently watch them.

There’s a sense of harmony and balance in Heyer’s cats; indeed, the felines are so well rendered they almost look real. The soft and calming colors make this a perfect choice for a bedroom or office. It’s an ideal example of Heyer’s ability to capture a moment of stillness and beauty; these graphically symbolize Renaissance paintings of cats.

Cats by William Henry Hamilton Trood

William Henry Hamilton Trood’s Cats is a beautiful and famous cat art piece that vividly captures attention. The colors and patterns used throughout the painting are eye-catching; they create a deep sense of depth and dimension. In addition, the cats themselves are well-rendered, with a unique personality.

The painting has a calming aura, making it a perfect piece to relax and unwind with. Trood’s work depicts a group of cats in various positions and expressions. It’s set against a plain background, with the characters appearing in a state of playful repose. Trood was well known for his animal paintings; Cats is considered one of his best works.

Many believe these cats in paintings were inspired by Trood’s cats, which he kept in his studio.


Have you ever imagined that your favorite feline friend- the cat- could inspire some to do something that generations of people would appreciate and admire for centuries? But, that’s course, is precisely what happened decades ago; the result is a magnificent array of iconic art paintings that millions admire today.

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