Timber Flooring in Melbourne


If you are looking to have timber flooring, there’s a lot to consider. You must first visit the market or flooring showrooms to consult the professionals and experts who can help and guide you in the best way. Once you have all the necessary information regarding timber flooring, it is an exciting time to choose the floor of your choice to transform your home. It would be best to get a quotation from two or more vendors to get the best pricing options. When you visit the market, check carefully for the timber pieces’ style, texture, and colors according to the space where you need to install flooring. Many service providers offer timber flooring installation in Melbourne with commitment and professionalism.

Prepare Yourself for Floor Installation

You can ask your chosen expert about the checklist you must do before installation. In most cases, experts help their clients move furniture as the space must be empty and clear for the proper installation. Doing it earlier will save your time, and the professionals can start their work immediately without any further delay. You must also remove curtains and wall hangings from your room to provide your installer with a blank canvas.

Pros of Timber Flooring

  • Fast and efficient floating timber flooring installation
  • Reliable and best after-sale services
  • Have a team of professional experts with extensive experience
  • Long term investment
  • Variety and durability
  • Easy care and maintenance
  • Better for babies and kids
  • A healthy environment in your home
  • It gives the natural beauty
  • Improves and enhances the value of your home
  • Easy installation

Cons of Timber Flooring

  • Termites may attack wood.
  • Expensive as compared to regular carpets and tiles.
  • Contact with water can be dangerous.
  • More chances of dents and scratches.
  • Not suitable for all rooms of your home.
  • Molds and fungus due to water seepage.
  • Clicking and cracking sounds create the noise after continuous use and constant wear and tear
  • We need to clean and maintain to avoid dust, dirt, and debris.

Timber Flooring Techniques

Timber flooring techniques in Melbourne depend on floor, size, and type of timber pieces. Professionals and experts use four basic techniques for timber floor installation. These four techniques are;

  1. TheUse of the glue
  2. Uses of the nails
  3. User of both glue and nails
  4. Use of interlocking systems

Wait Before You Walk on The New Floor

Once the installation is done, take care of your floor for greater longevity. This will ultimately save your repair cost as proper care and maintenance are necessary for such floors. You can walk on your floor after 24 hours of the last coat. Avoid moving furniture on your new floor, and you must have pads for your furniture legs. Wear socks only for the first few days rather than walking barefoot or wearing shoes on new floors. If you can stay off them for a couple of days, it would be the best for your new floor’s finish, shine, and durability.

Final Words

Selecting the best Timber Flooring can be difficult and confusing, but consider all aspects wisely. If you take care of your new floor, you may increase the chances of longevity, and you will also save repair costs

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