Top 6 Best Online Notary Services Of 2022

In the business world, originality is essential. Businesses must find the means to distinguish themselves among the many options fighting for customer attention at any given time. Every firm must develop a presence in its respective industries.  

Fortunately, remote Online Notary Service companies have discovered ways to provide clients with precisely customized benefits enough to make them stand out. 

Are you an individual or a firm looking for a reputable firm to handle your notarial needs? If this is the case, your search may have ended, as we’ve prepared a list of some of the most popular and acclaimed remote online notaries available.  

Online notarization service providers like the ones mentioned below have proven themselves to be formidable competitors in the era of remote notarization. 


In the United States, more than 1.25 billion documents are notarized each year, and DocVerify plays a significant role in that number. DocVerify is among the most extensively utilized electronic signature solutions in the United States. The firm has assisted in the notarization of over 3 million documents.  

DocVerify maintains its leading position in the notary market by continually updating its website with new regulations and working to keep consumers aware of any changes in their state or sector.

DocVerify is certified in every state, enabling remote online and electronic notarizations while remaining cost-effective compared to competitors, thanks to its up-to-date information. It does not issue notarizations directly, but it can link you with a licensed electronic or remote notary if your state permits it. 

It also has its e-notary locating network, which allows clients to look for notaries in their area if they’re meeting in person. The procedure is further simplified since DocVerify does not need hardware or software downloads.  


Another major participant in the online remote notarization business is Notarize. Notarize is a popular choice for remote notarization and electronic signature, with over 10,000 good Trustpilot reviews. You can e-sign documents for free, one of its most notable features. Customers may use its e-signature capability independently of its remote online nottarization, so they can go online and upload the documents they wish to sign. Customers can also snap a photo of the documents and sign it digitally if it is only available in paper form. 

Notarization doesn’t perform the notarization. Instead, it links consumers with a commissioned remote notary who has been verified by signing up and providing their credentials – such as commissions, insurance, etc. Notaries can get approved within three business days and begin working with Notarize. 


Looking to conduct business in another country? NotaryCam is available in all 50 states of the United States and over 145 countries worldwide. With its broad network, the firm has performed over 200,000 online notarizations. NotaryCam is also knowledgeable in real estate enterprises and developer APIs (application programming interfaces). 

Training is needed to ensure the quality of the brand’s notaries and maintain a uniform and standardized process that NotaryCam stands by. To operate as a notary with NotaryCam, you must apply. It finds and employs eNotary trainers to teach the NotaryCam Academy class, which every new notary must take. 


Because of its one-of-a-kind enterprise offering, Safedocs sets itself apart from other remote notary vendors. Wet signed papers, in-person eNotarized documents, plus remote online notarized operations are all included in Safedocs’ NotaryGo’s Enterprise package. Safedocs may also assist in managing the entire process by scheduling, delivering documents, and overseeing execution. 

This might come in handy for organizations that deal with many signatures and notary obligations. Safedocs also gives its clients access to worldwide capabilities. Its notaries are chosen and authorized through an application procedure, and they get specialized training. 


SIGNiX stands out as a service provider because of the diverse sectors it serves. Taxes and pharmaceutical firms stand out as sectors where few other providers venture.  

The SIGNiX platform also provides features for credit unions, banks, other financial service providers, insurance and healthcare, life sciences, education, government, real estate, and major companies. Its industry-specific features provide a customized platform for each sector’s distinctiveness. 

SIGNiX is a good option for notaries looking for a platform they may utilize without being recruited or approved. Notaries can operate independently since they only allow remote notarization and electronic signatures. However, you should note that it does not verify notaries or link consumers with notary practitioners directly. 


Nexsys is another excellent e-signing service provider. Nexsys was founded to help the real estate market simplify signing. Nexsys now specializes in safe online closings thanks to their signature feature called Nexsys Clear Sign.

Nexsys also provides a feature called Nexsys Clear HOI, which assists with homeowners’ insurance, and another called Nexsys Clear Path, a management system for title and closing, insurance, and appraisals, in addition to Clear Sign.
Clear Sign’s setup is also completely customizable. Customers and notaries can shift between remote and in-person activities at any moment and sign complete or partial papers. 

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the increasing availability of online notaries, you are no longer restricted to the services offered by traditional notaries. Though this is not a complete list of remote notary services, it will provide some insight into the many alternatives and wide array of options for remote online notarial work. 

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