Dr Stone Is An Upbeat Post Apocalyptic Story

Six months ago, when dr stone kickassanime started announcing his first episodes, there was no doubt that I was impressed. It caught my attention after six episodes of Drs. Stone. There are reasons for this, and I will deal with them soon, but most importantly, since Dr. Stone caught my attention, he never lost his power again. A story that is always based on events of the past, future results and heroes, and often, is even more interesting. The real and bright problem for the first season is that it leads to an unprecedented battle, and now we are all looking forward to the second season.

The first episode of this anime is quite kind and tells the story of three heroes: Senku, a high school genius, Taiju’s stupid friend, and Taizhu’s love, Yuzuriha. Each of these players works quite well and Taiju’s attempt to allow people to become stone is very interesting, but nothing caught me in the first episode. For the next few episodes, it was fun to watch Senku and Tayju work together to take their first steps to rejuvenate the other heroes, but for now, I could easily get away from Dr. Stone.

When comparing these first and subsequent episodes, I do not understand that the pharmacy problem is a problem. Although I have no problem with the main characters, and many of them take care of themselves, Yuzuriha’s role as a sad girl did not help her much as a group there were not many in number. parts of. They were the ones who were on the screen along with the other heroes.

Although this is not a big deal from the beginning, the differences in communication between these former heroes and the heroes Senku meets later in the village of Ishigami are astonishing. Heroes like Kohaku and Chrome, and Kinro and Ginro have a good relationship, which gives life to the story and makes things even more fun.

While this is a personal impression, the visual impression has greatly improved since Senku left Taiju and Yuzuriha behind. The story seemed fast because now Senku was still a clear opponent against his goal of reviving civilization. This gave Senku more purpose than life and construction technology. He had to be prepared to face threats quickly and conquer a village he did not trust. Overall, things have improved a lot and have continued to improve since then.

Now the main thing is that Senku is trying to bring science back and there is a lot of discussion about how things work and how the various elements of technology work. Although this is often the case, some of them are very simple and given the scale of what they have done, they can jump and cross borders without obstacles. Especially in the last episodes, where there is a lot of work and planning, after the production of Senku in the process of creating the final “weapon” for the coming war.

However, it is fun to watch the characters respond to stories such as mirrors or snacks. However, it is a little easier with many good things and many pitfalls in today’s world, but they can be easily overlooked by the narrative, but the tone goes to the show and, without a doubt, the interest of the characters in science. infectious species.

Clearly, dr stone season 2 kickassanime is a very well-designed anime. Many of the first episodes are based on natural origins, well done, but they all look the same, so it’s not very interesting anime to see a group of rocks and trees as one, but the visual quality is consistent. . The action is also very watery and some interesting spiders appear when the heroes start moving. What I really liked was the sign of the toxic gas and the moments that would eventually come when you would have finished seeing it.

All heroic designs are very well designed. I still wonder where they got the raw dye from the locals’ clothes, but the characters are clear and interesting. I still think Senku looks like Velociraptor in Jurassic Park when he smiles, but his design is beautiful. However, this anime loves its overreaction and sometimes you will come across very funny faces and wrinkles. Active and used regularly throughout the season, most characters are attractive, modest or look dry. The truth conveys the essence of the place, or is persecuted.

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