What Does Carpet Cleaning Include

Carpet cleaning is not as simple as cleaning other belongings. There are a series of steps that need to be followed in order to get the best results. If you are determined to get an impressive carpet cleaning, then opting for professional service providers is an excellent idea. The expert carpet cleaners adopt a particular cleaning procedure and take extra precautions to make sure that there is no additional damage to your precious carpet.

Carpet cleaning process – explained!

The process of carpet cleaning is not as simple as you might think. To get the most desirable cleaning results, the technicians conduct a series of steps. Check out the steps listed here so that you can have a detailed knowledge of the process.

1.   Pre-inspection

The foremost step includes inspecting the carpet condition. The technicians will assess the carpet and take note of the affected areas. Then, they can offer extra attention to those regions. After that, the experts will discuss the entire cleaning plan with you to gain your approval.

2.   Pre-cleaning

In this step, the technicians will start the cleaning process. The professionals mostly follow a particular order when it comes to cleaning. Firstly, they get rid of the surface dirt and ensure that it breaks down. It will ultimately make cleaning a lot easier later.

3.   Pre-vacuuming

After this, the experts conduct extensive vacuuming. In this process, the removal of dry soil takes place. The vacuum gets rid of the surface dirt with ease, allowing the experts to deep cleanse the carpet.

4.   Moving of furniture

Generally, carpet cleaning service providers help clients with the moving of small furniture items such as tables, chairs, etc. at free of cost. However, for heavy furniture pieces such as beds, etc., the company will charge a specific fee. You can ask them about the charge beforehand. Moreover, if the furniture is not moved, the technicians clean the carpet around it.

5.   Pre-spray and pre-spot treatment

Now, the usage of a specific pre-conditioning agent is necessary. It breaks down the dirt, making it easier to remove them while cleaning. After that, pre-treatment for stubborn spots and stains takes place. It actually enhances the chances of complete removal of the stains.

6.   Deodorization

In this process, a specific deodorizing solution is used to get rid of unwanted smells. For instance, pet stains such as urine or droppings can leave a bad odour. That is why technicians opt for the deodorization method to get rid of the putrid smell. Moreover, this step is specifically necessary if your family members have allergy issues.

7.   Carpet cleaning

There are various types of cleaning procedures for carpet cleaning. The experts assess the carpet to determine the best method. Some of the methods include hot water extraction, dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning, etc. If the stains are stubborn, then the experts adopt the deep cleaning treatment.

8.   Stain removal

Removal of stains is an essential part of carpet cleaning. Here, the cleaning experts identify the areas that need to be given special attention. There are various stain types that the carpet can endure. Some of them are – ink, blood, tea, coffee, soda, wine, fruit juice, meat, etc.

9.   Mould removal

Sometimes, mould and mildew can grow within the carpet. Removing them is of utmost importance in order to safeguard the health of the family members. Experts use innovative strategies for mould remediation. After this, fast drying of the carpet takes place. It is vital that all the moisture is soaked.

10. Carpet protection

If you have a brand new carpet, opting for the optional “carpet protection” is a good idea. With the protector, you decrease the possibility of stains taking place considerably. It also reduces the accumulation of dust and grime in the carpet fabric.

11. Post-inspection

Lastly, the experts conduct the post-inspection. In this process, the cleaning professionals double-check the carpet and make sure it is cleaned properly. After that, they seek customer approval and answer all the questions. Read our more blog titled 6 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid.

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Opting for a yearly or bi-annual carpet cleaning is an excellent idea. That way, you can preserve the aesthetic beauty of the carpet with ease. You may want to save money and opt for some DIY cleaning tips, but for excellent cleaning, professional aid is the best option. The cleaning experts have extensive knowledge and can offer top-rated cleaning services without any hassle.

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