Know the Basics Before Using a Tanning Bed

When you are in a salon, the tanning experts will guide you through the procedure. However, you must know beforehand certain basics of the procedure. When you are well-informed you can catch any laxity or missing things in a salon. 


Tanning beds are not 100 percent safe. That’s why it is important to take certain precautions to have a safe tanning session. Although reputable tanning salons make sure everything is in order, you must follow certain guidelines to be on the safer side. 


The right age to use a tanning bed

People below 16 are not permitted to use a tanning bed. Teenage skin is highly vulnerable to damage from tanning equipment, as the intensity of a tanning bed is higher than that of the sun. 


Consult a doctor 

If you are on medication, please consult a doctor before tanning. Certain medications make the skin more sensitive to sunburn. 


Also, if you are suffering from any skin condition, such as rash, dermatitis, psoriasis, or other, please avoid tanning. Exposure to UV radiation may aggravate your condition. Moreover, certain skin diseases are infectious. You may spread the infection to others. 


Eye goggles

Many reputable salons provide eye protection. However, it is better to bring your own pair of sunglasses. Never be inside the tanning bed without goggles. You can damage your eyes. 


Ensuring you are at the right place

When you wish to pamper your skin and give it a sensuous golden glow you can’t afford to be at just any salon. You ought to be in the best one. Search for “best tanning salon near me”. Check the salon’s license, credentials, reviews, and other such things. Visit the salon for an initial consultation to get the vibes of the place. 


Then, finalize your tanning schedule. 


Some of the most prestigious salons also offer mobile tanning services. You need not visit the salon. Call in the experts at your place. They would set up the tanning tent and other paraphernalia and give you a superb tan through spray equipment. It is a mind-blowing experience. 


What to wear when inside the tanning bed?

Women can put on a two-piece bikini. You may wear a strapless bra to avoid bra lines. Or simply go for nipple covers to give your breast area a beautiful golden hue. 


Men can put on boxer briefs. Or you could go nude and cover your private parts with a washcloth if you wish a complete body tan. 


It is important to cover your private parts (for both men and women) because these areas are delicate and highly sensitive to UV radiation. 


Tan-through swimsuits are also available in the market. They are designed to let UV rays pass through the fabric. If you don’t wish to lie naked, use these. 


In Boca Raton, tanning salon is dedicated to providing the best experience to customers for 19 years. It’s wise to visit a salon with enough experience in a particular field. They have what it takes to be in this field for years. 

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