Once the regular season calendar is over, 3 teams per league qualify,

But the positions are not given by the number of wins and losses, but by the percentage of them, in the SPORT there is a tie (yes, it was not a typo of mine, in the SPORT there is a tie). If 2 teams arrive tied at inning 12 (this year for Ovid reasons they left it at 9) in the regular season and no one defines the game, it ends in a tie, which is why it has been the case that one team finishes above another in the standings without having won more games than this one. Of the 3 teams that qualify, the first classifies directly to the League final and the 2nd and 3rd play a 5-game series where the one that came in 2nd place plays all the games at home and also starts with a game of their own.

 Side, that is, instead of winning 3, has to win only 2.

Whoever wins this series will have to face the champion of his League in a series of 7 games, where the 6 games will be away and the League champion also starts with a game won on his side . The winner of this final faces the champion of the other league in the Japan Series (the World Series) a classic series of 7 games where there are visitors and Home Club, being the team with the best percentage of won and lost the one that starts of premises.  As you can see, the nba중계 has its peculiarities in terms of how the league works, which makes it both different and interesting. In short, a league that I recommend following since a lot of talent that play in these organizations end up playing seasons in the best league in the world.

  For today I say goodbye and I leave you with some curious

data related to today’s topic, in other articles we will talk more about the teams, players who have come out of those franchises and have played in the MLB, why the tie and other topics of the SPORT.In interleague series when the Central League team plays on the road versus a Pacific League team, insert the designated hitter.

In the All-Star Series there is a tie.

In the Play Offs there are ties. If a tie occurs in the Play Offs, this year counted as won for the team that finished ahead in the qualifying stage. This does not apply to the Japan Series.

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