Sports communication

Sports communication includes each and every one of the techniques aimed at transmitting information in the sports field from a sender to a receiver. We are talking about a communication that can be live or recorded, depending on the context. To begin with, it should be noted that at a technical level it is possible to communicate about any type of sport. That said, it is clear that in Spain the king of sports, football, has become the most prominent reference and we can find various formats thanks to the rise of new technologies.

The issue of sports communication and its singularities is not minor,

Such as passion at an emotional level and, depending on preferences, a greater or lesser bias of communication professionals. This type of journalism is far removed from that referring to politics or a more general field, since in football there is usually more predilection for a professional team or athlete.

In addition, it is appropriate to establish a differentiation between the different types of sports communication: the communication of a live sporting event and the communication of opinion, which we will discuss below.

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Keys to live events

The communication of a live sporting event can be broadcast in different ways, whether on radio, television, streaming or messages through social networks. What do these live events need? Have a series of means to facilitate the work, from narrators and photographers, to filmmakers and television cameras (cranes and fixed).

Today’s broadcasts can be international thanks to social networks and television. This fact has caused some of the models to change at the television level.

When an audiovisual production company has the 해외축구중계사이트 of sporting events on its hands, it is an exciting challenge. The speed of the events is unstoppable and no detail can be missed so that the public can enjoy it as best as possible. Live there can be no errors, no time for testing or replays. The key is to make a successful technical and human effort that ensures that nothing goes wrong.

What is opinion communication?

Opinion communication is one that offers information about events that are going to take place or that have happened. The greatest characteristic of this type of sports communication is that the opinion is nourished more by the analysis.


In our country, the great means of opinion have been the press, the radio and, lately, television and the Internet. These types of spaces have a more marked line and their objective is usually to broadcast and communicate, but from a specific point of view.

We must not forget that sports communication has more current demands such as the development of new technologies and their application in the sports field. In turn, the user wants to interact with the communicator and that must be given the importance it deserves. Therefore, sports communication managed around the market requires different attitudes.

The objective to be a good sports communication professional is to know all the keys to the sector, since there are eloquent differences between sports journalism and general information.


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