Tzvi Odzer a Businessman Who Balances in Perfrofessional and Personal Life.

As CEO of the new YBT Industries in Henderson, NV, Tzvi Odzer is a man who can do it all. Although YBT Industries is new to the distribution business, Tzvi Odzer has more than 30 years of experience in this field. His new business is the result of his life experience and many years of trial and error.

Tzvi Odzer started his business humbly when he was very young. “I started my first business at the age of 18 from my parents’ basement,” he explains. It was his education that led him in the right direction. He learned determination and responsibility from the people I met: “I went to Yeshiva at Flatbush High School and then to Brooklyn College Scholars,” he said.

Tzvi Odzer continued to work hard and overcame all obstacles. In 2000, his hard work paid off: “I was named Ernst & Young’s Best Distributor of the Year 2000,” he says. Thirty years later, Tzvi Odzer set up a new company in retirement.

All these years, when he started his own company, Tzvi Odzer also started a large family. “I have seven children and nine grandchildren,” he says proudly, keeping him on his feet. When he is with his grandchildren, there is never boredom. Tzvi Odzer not only follows his grandchildren at home, but also keeps in touch with his extended family. “I also have several family members living in Israel,” says Tzvi. His extended family is very important to him. Indeed, everyone had gathered to pay tribute to his cousin Nahshon Vashman on the 25th anniversary of his abduction and murder.

Tzvi Odzer’s extended family is a great catalyst for his charity work. “I am a huge supporter of Jewish and non-Jewish causes,” says Tzvi. Tzvi Odzer is also in favor of Arab-Jewish commercial cooperation. He is also a big supporter of Bryce Everholm, a large non-profit organization that helps integrate Jewish immigrants from Russia into US life. And continue to strengthen your religious traditions. Some of the non-Jewish goals he supports are the AHRC, a non-profit organization that benefits individuals and children with intellectual disabilities.

Even with all his work, Stefan Odzer still has time to spend playing the sport he loves. Tzvi Odzer is a big fan of the New York Yankees. He will be happy for them when they play in the playoffs in 2019. In addition to baseball, Tzvi Odzer also likes to follow the Las Vegas Golden Knights of the National Hockey League.

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