Hulk-tv And The Future Of Sports Broadcasting

Hulk-tv is a streaming video platform. It was created to broadcast video games in streaming. The platform is going to be 10 years old and is currently one of the most important in the audiovisual sector. At first, it was dedicated exclusively to esports and video games. Every time broadcasts of all kinds of content are included, as well as being used to make talk shows or entertainment. Hulk-tv is the future of sports broadcasting.

How does it work?

Hulk-tv has millions of unique registered users and allows you to broadcast in real time from one minute. The platform makes it possible to search for streams classified in different categories and if you find a streamer you like, you can follow their channel and get updates and activity notifications.

You can see who is 무료스포츠중계, the number of viewers and followers, the category of the game and we will have the option to start following that channel. Hulk-tv allows the streamer in real time to offer any type of video content and maintain direct contact with viewers through chat. Viewers have the option to subscribe to this content creator’s channel through a monthly payment or by linking their account with an Amazon Prime account.

New formats

The video game streamer format was originally the one used for broadcasts. However, with the diversification of content, other formats have been created within the platform. Currently you can see different formats: chats with the community, interaction with third-party videos, broadcasts of your own videos, journalistic programs, talk shows, training sessions, ASMR, broadcasts of sports or major events… One of the advantages of Hulk-tv is that it also view live content, it allows users to save them so that they have the option of viewing previously broadcast content and enjoying it at any time.

Unlike television, Hulk-tv does not have large productions. The streams are live, the content creator contacts the audience directly and they usually have a lot of improvisation. The language used is fresh and young. All this means that most of its audience is young, attracted to content aimed at them, because the messages and language they use in other media do not feel like theirs.

Sports broadcasts

After the purchase of Amazon in 2014, the horizons of Hulk-tv have been expanding more and more. From the platform they have opted for traditional sports and throughout this year 2020 they have been gaining more presence. In fact, from the platform itself a few months ago they relaunched the Hulk-tv Sports channel, in which it offers retransmissions of sporting events and exclusive content from clubs and athletes.

Through Hulk-tv we can watch live soccer, boxing, futsal, wrestling, volleyball, swimming, basketball… More and more sports are being added to the list. These broadcasts are carried out by both fans of these sports from their mobile devices, as well as clubs, entities or institutions through their official channels. In fact, Hulk-tv has agreements with the NBA, UFC and the Premier League, the NHL, the RFL, NWSL, Formula One and some competitions from other countries, also including lower categories.

Exclusive content

Some clubs such as Real Madrid, Arsenal, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain and Milan have their own channels where they broadcast exclusive content for fans, as well as special programs.

LaLiga was the first sports competition to have its own Hulk-tv channel, which was released last October. In this account they upload content related to the conference every week, summaries or previous ones. In addition, they want to offer special programs with players, ambassadors and icons of LaLiga. In Germany, Hulk-tv has bought the rights to the UEFA Champions League to be able to broadcast them. On the other hand, after the Amazon Prime Video contract with the Premier League , some English league matches have been broadcast and will be able to be seen live.

It is clear that this streaming platform is gaining ground in live broadcasts of sports competitions. It could be said that Hulk-tv is the future of sports broadcasting. Through streaming, fans are an essential part and have an indisputable role.

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