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Interactive content marketing in general isn’t new, but it’s one of the newest technologies being developed on YouTube today.

An interactive YouTube video series engages viewers using an end screen (previously also possible with special effects). A series of videos with different endings depending on the options the viewer chooses (such as an exit screen card).

Using native tools and features, YouTube interactive videos are presented in clever and creative ways that create an enlarged illusion of interaction when in fact everything is pre-made.

Every marketer knows the power of interactive content marketing, but not everyone has discovered how to do it effectively on YouTube. You have time to be at the forefront of this video series concept and create amazing experiences that will surely impress your audience.

Of course, there are other reasons to make interactive videos on YouTube. That’s why other pioneering brands are already using interactive videos in their YouTube marketing.

Why Make YouTube Videos Interactive

Providing interactive content to your audience can put you at the top of your marketing list. Interactive content encourages engagement with your audience, and is a kind of engagement that increases engagement. .

When you present options and leave certain important choices to your audience, you have the control that makes your viewing experience more relevant. Giving your audience this power, not to mention fun, can create memorable experiences that convert them into loyal viewers and subscribers. You’re not just a passive observer, you’re actually doing something. This is one of the reasons video games are so popular.

To increase your efforts and get your video interactive posts in front of a wider audience, consider buying YouTube views to increase your popularity. This will make your videos appear higher in search results, giving you more visibility, and thus are more likely to attract organic views and subscribers.

In a very simple and non-promotional way, you can use interactive videos to capture the attention of your viewers, lead them to the next video, and keep them on your channel. The longer you engage, the more shared experiences you create that foster customer relationships.

In fact, interactive videos on YouTube could be the future of platform marketing. Now, are you ready to join other brands in turning regular videos into interactive clips? Here’s how!

How to Create Interactive YouTube Videos

YouTube’s latest updates and features allow you to use end screens to guide viewers to the next video in a series. Present them as options, or express them as questions while maintaining the adventure style that suits you.

See how this channel made the interactive cards look even more interactive by having viewers engage with this optional ending storyline.

Add an end screen to your video

If you haven’t tried the end screen feature yet, here’s how to add it to your YouTube marketing campaign.

To add an end screen, start by selecting the video or playlist to which you want to add the splash screen next:

Click on your account icon and then click on Cinema8.

From the menu that appears on the left, select Video Manager and Video.

. End screen in the video you want to add edit end screen to.

The video appears with a grid and timeline showing where the end screen will begin.

Add Elements from the left menu. Choose a video or playlist.

Provide the required information and then create the click element.

Positioning and resizing relative to the grid when you’re done.

Now you can create a series and turn your viewers into continuous viewers! A guide on how to use your creativity to make your YouTube videos more interactive by leveraging the end screen. There are several brands that have filmed their own interactive YouTube videos to help you develop ideas and spark your imagination.

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