Is 240v festoon lights Voltage Suitable for Outdoor Lighting?

Is 240v festoon lights Voltage Suitable for Outdoor Lighting?

Outdoor lighting comes with undeniable benefits, like security, aesthetics, to illumination. Furthermore, as lighting experts Fusion Lighting Australia puts it “ if the lights are placed well with the correct voltage choice, it could truly spark up the outdoors and breathe a new life in the area”. But is 240v festoon lights Voltage Suitable for Outdoor Lighting or  what voltage is ideal for outdoors ligtning? This article will answer that.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Voltage


There are high voltage and low voltage lights, and both have their own advantages. However, high voltage lighting is not ideal for a residential area when it comes to safety. If you have a commercial area to light up, high voltage lights such as 120v can surely be the best choice. High voltage lights shouldn’t have people very close to them as they are super-hot. Low voltage lighting is perfect for lawns, outdoor entertainment, or a swimming pool. 12v lights might also do the trick here.


Voltage is important and has to be considered for illumination. The lighter and brighter you want the area to be, the higher would be the voltage required. This is not about garden lights but the pathways and fences that need to be well-lit for security purposes. They can be installed in any type of area.


Depending on the environment you want to create with lighting, the voltage would vary. For example, low-voltage lights are perfect if you need something lowkey with a soothing effect. On the other hand, you can go for slightly higher voltage lights if you need bright party-type lights.

How Much Voltage Should Outdoor Lights Have?

So is there an ideal voltage for outdoor lighting? Let’s find out.

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Low voltage lighting is the best choice for residential areas. They are safer and serve the purpose without the need for overkill. Here are some characteristics of low voltage lights:

  • ·         They are cheaper
  • ·         It can be easily installed
  • ·         Can be installed by oneself
  • ·         Lesser risk of shocks
  • ·         More variety in bulbs and designs
  • ·         Less electricity is required for them to power through

High Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Higher voltage outdoor lighting is mostly for commercial places since they need to be very brightly lit. The main purpose stands for security. We are listing some characteristics of the high voltage lights:

  •         For commercial/public area usage
  •         Installation requires professional help
  •         Has to have elaborative wiring with various connection points
  •         Less usage in a residential area apart from security’s point of view
  •         Higher power consumption, higher bills

High vs. Low, Which One Is Better?

Now that you have the characteristics in your hand and know your area’s exact need, you can choose which one you need. There is no ideal outdoor voltage because it will vary depending upon the need and type. Commercial areas need high voltage. Residential areas can work fine with low-voltage lights. There are potentially more people who can come in contact with the lights, such as kids, so the lower voltage is safer. Bigger areas can’t have enough light with low voltage, so higher voltage bulbs are needed. The ball is in your court now.


Outdoor lighting is essential and truly worth the money. Choose the one which matches your requirements, and that is all you need to get suitable voltage lights. Hope this helps.

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