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Kiddie Academy of Stafford

Pre Kinder near Me offers quality and professional daycare services in Bolton, ON. Parents who place their children at Kiddie Academy of Stafford can rest easy knowing that they are getting the very best early childhood education available in the area. 

New and challenging courses, hot and nutritious meals, and an indoor play area are other benefits of choosing us. We are a part of “Raising the Bar,” a commitment to best practices in early learning and child care by the early childhood education community in the Peel Region. 

The commitment to ongoing professional development and participation in “Raising the Bar” proves that we are focused on continuous improvement and giving toddlers and children the best possible environment to learn and develop. Here are five reasons why children love us at Kiddie Academy of Stafford.

  1. Passionate educators

  • A passionate child care educator isn’t always the person with the most education or qualifications – it’s the person who knows how to put a smile on a kid’s face and a parent’s face. We hire staff:
  • Treat every child as an individual and make sure they feel special and included.
  • Excited about learning and can motivate kids and their parents to participate in the fun.
  • Who is warm, values ​​empathy, and takes time to understand the perspectives of others.
  • The rules seriously, pays attention to child safety and security and sets high professional standards for themselves and others.
  1. Nurture quality relationships between kids and educators

If kids have unique, high-quality relationships with child care providers at the centre, they’ll regularly tell their parents how much they love coming to you for care. Kiddie Academy of Stafford Staff has highlighted some ways in which we nurture relationships with kids:

  • Greet every kid by name when they arrive each day.
  • Have conversations with kids and listen to them.
  • Follow a child’s lead during play to help them build confidence and independence.
  • Give compliments, acknowledge effort, and reward good behaviour.
  • Tell kids about yourself and learn more about them.
  • Give hugs, high-fives, or start a dance party when kids accomplish a task – make it fun and encouraging.
  1. Develop strong rapport between parents and staff

  • Our exceptional staff cares about the children, and they know that solid relationships with parents influence children to grow and flourish. We encourage belonging, well-being, engagement, and expression. At Kiddie Academy of Stafford, our staff strengthens rapport by:
  • Pre K near Me
  • Always make every interaction with parents a positive one with a smile!
  • Communicating with parents often to share the good news about their child’s development.
  • Asking parents about their individual child’s interests and needs to prepare activities.
  • We listen to feedback, act on it, and value each family’s culture and diversity.
  1. Create a stimulating environment for children’s development

  • A stimulating environment usually means that kids learn a lot and have a great time. Kiddie Academy of Stafford educators provide a stimulating environment where children can learn and reach their full potential. Here are some examples:
  • Stimulating visuals, including informational posters, dioramas, story webs, word walls, wall art, and lots of colours!
  • Hands-on activities encourage kids to use their senses, explore, move around, be creative and develop new skills.
  • Toys, books, and games address all four areas of development: cognitive, social/emotional, physical, and linguistic.
  1. Create an environment that supports children’s exploration

Children are natural explorers and risk-takers. They move quickly, put things in their mouths, drop or throw things, and love to climb and hide. Keeping children safe is crucial. Instead of saying “don’t touch this” “stay away from that,” our educators create spaces that engage children and encourage safe exploration. For instance we:

  • Try a child’s-eye view and make sure the space is child-safe.
  • Arrange your space wisely and Identify and cut off “runways.”
  • Organize toys and supplies to make things easy for children.
  • Make sure the toys match the children’s ages and abilities.
  • Teach children how to handle toys and materials.
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