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Nowadays, the jobs have become highly specialized and, therefore, also their tools and clothing. Employee safety is essential when performing certain jobs. In many trades and professions, operators are required to wear specialized work boots to minimize damage in the event of an accident. These work boots are used in sectors such as construction, gardening, factories of all kinds and heavy transport, among others. More than just a piece of clothing, work boots are a fundamental element of safety.

There are many types of work boots: waterproof, professional, comfortable, safety, robust, for men, field, leather, light, with braids, with steel toe, without protection, industrial, for electricians, without laces, thermal, etc. One of the best options are Sorter safety boots , ideal for working in winter due to its leather lining ; also deserve a mention Hammer safety boots , waterproof and with non – slip sole .

The best, our choice: SROTER winter safety boots

They are one of the best purchase options on the market. These safety boots have a warm and soft fur lining, which makes them perfect for bad weather even with snow, because they will keep your feet warm all day . The sole material is lightweight, anti-perforation Kevlar. This bulletproof Kevlar midsole protection adopts the rubber material, adds slip-stop pattern and has good anti-slip and high strength. They are ideal for a dangerous and slippery work environment. As if all this were not enough, they have a steel toe and can be used for walking and hiking, in outdoor farms, and are useful both at work and in outdoor sports. The height of the heel is 2 centimeters. The European standard steel toe cap is capable of absorbing forces of 200J and a compression of 15,000N, which reduces the possibility of rubbing on the feet.

Rosa I. has them and comments that “what I liked the most is how comfortable and flexible they are. They are ideal for standing for many hours at work. On the inside they are like hair, which makes them remain feet warm while wearing them. Hope they last.” Dalsome, another customer, says that “I work on the streets and my feet get cold. I was very hesitant to buy these boots, but after several visits to physical workwear stores and not finding any warm boots I decided to order them. It has been a success. They keep my feet at a good temperature, when it’s very cold I have them a little cool, but nothing to do with other safety shoes”. They have a rating of 4 out of 5.

Second Choice: Hammer Waterproof Safety Boots

This safety boot is made of leather on the outside and has a fabric lining. Its sole material is non-slip SRC and has a six-month warranty. These shoes have a lace-up closure and have the EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC safety certificate. The height of its heel is 3 centimeters and it has a composite toe cap with Kevlar midsole protection. The shoe has a wide last.

Nacho believes that “it is the most comfortable safety shoe I have used to date. The toe is wide, so it does not bother at all and does not rub on the toes. It is quite flexible for walking. It tolerates water well and it does not It gets in by walking through wet areas or using a hose. They have an average rating of 4.2 out of 5.

Alternative: Bellota safety boots

These boots are EN ISO 20345 certified. They are very light and flexible and have a safety insole, as well as a non-metallic anti-perforation insole. Its sole is of double density in polyurethane and offers the maximum non-slip performance certifiable according to current regulations. The design of the sole provides security and resistance thanks to its wide channels, braking zones, shock absorption, textured shank and raised profiles in the toe and back. It has a padded Bellota Mesh lining for better ventilation and greater comfort.

MM, an Amazon com safety shoes customer has them and thinks that “the truth is that I had not tried this brand and I was surprised. They look quite good for the price they have, I have tried them this week at work and today hiking and going good. I was tired of spending €80 in workwear stores, so I tried these more reasonably priced ones. They are just as comfortable as any work boot. I tried them wet and they don’t seem to fit.” Pedro, for his part, assures that “they are very durable and robust, sufficiently comfortable and aesthetically quite acceptable. The laces, the weak point of many boots, are of good quality, they do not fray. They are somewhat heavy, so if what is what you need is something light for a job that does not require intensive use, it is better to opt for something else. But if what you want is great performance on site and heavy work, they seem to me to be a more than interesting option. They are not very flexible. Soles are some of the toughest and toughest I’ve ever tried. Almost always, the problems I’ve had with more expensive boots have been with the sole (the air chambers are very comfortable but not very suitable for heavy work).” They have an average rating of 4.4 out of 5.

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