8 Main Reasons Why Your Blog Doesn’t Bring Income

8 Main Reasons Why Your Blog Doesn’t Bring Income

While many people do want to make money on blogging, not many of them succeed. Sometimes the reason of failure is obvious: one realizes that blogging is much harder than it seems and quits doing this. However, if you stubbornly continue writing new posts, adding new features, and coming up with new and new ways to improve and monetize your blog, but it doesn’t work, that’s another thing.

Putting so much effort into something that doesn’t bring the desired result is definitely frustrating. Still, you shouldn’t give up easily: maybe a way to improve your blog still exists. Maybe you miss something small, but still important, and you can change everything by solving this little problem.

We want to help you. That’s why we’ve prepared a small list of reasons why your blog doesn’t bring you the desired income. Here they are.

1. Your design is bad.

Sometimes readers don’t read your posts not because they’re bad, but because they are impossible to read. Many bloggers advise using the minimalistic design for your blog: and, while this definitely isn’t a rule, some people still should use this tip. Your design doesn’t have to be minimalistic, but it still has to be readable, and if you think that red font on a blue background is readable enough, we’re here to disappoint you.

While people’s design preferences do differ a lot, you still should remember that the overall design of your blog shouldn’t strain the eye. Choose calm colors and ask your friends whether the blog looks readable to them or not.

2. You don’t have a clear blog vision.

While it is possible to have a blog dedicated to different things (for example, parenting, beauty products, and travels), you still have to keep these things in mind. When beginner bloggers don’t have a clear vision of how their blog should look like, they tend to mess with topics and styles. For example, one blog post can be formal and serious, when the other can be overloaded with smileys and written in a completely different way.

If you stick to one writing style and present all your posts identically, it doesn’t matter how many topics you are willing to explore. Just be consistent, that’s all.

3. You don’t have a posting schedule.

When you update your blog once a month, it’s okay (though the more you write, the better it is for your blog). However, when you post every day for a week and then disappear for two months, this won’t do your blog any good. Plan a schedule and stick to it no matter what. If you don’t have much time to write, try to write beforehand and then post on scheduled days. This way your audience will know what to expect from you.

4. You use someone else’s content.

Research is good, but it is not enough. If you only rewrite someone else’s articles all the time, why people should read your blog in the first place? They can find this content somewhere else and read it before you rewrite it.

If you want to monetize your blog, you have to be original, to give people something new, interesting and well-written. You can seek inspiration in other bloggers’ posts, but you still need to write your own ones.

5. Your blog is overloaded with ads.

Ads can bring you income, but they can scare away your audience too. Some beginner bloggers start using ads immediately and so their blog quickly becomes overloaded with them. These ads distract attention from your posts and also irritate the readers.

Sure, you can still use ads, but to it carefully: start with only a few, place them somewhere they won’t distract the readers much and add more only when your blog gets more popular.

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6. You forget about your readers.

Readers keep sending you comments, but you ignore them? Or maybe there aren’t any comments at all? Well, then it’s time to remember that you’re writing for a certain audience and you have to keep in touch with it. Write posts that can provoke discussions, add questions and always reply to your readers, so they could feel that you care about them too.

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7. Your niche is not the best one.

Some blogs are simply easier to monetize than the others, and that depends on a niche a lot. If you are writing about something rare and not very popular, this can catch the attention of your readers, but this can also slow the monetizing process. So you have to choose your priorities in this case.

8. You’re trying too hard.

Sometimes a blog just screams “my owner wants to make money on me”. Such blog posts are filled with various links obviously used for advertising, with pleas to subscribe to this blog, and so on. This doesn’t look good, especially if you’ve just started a blog. Take it slow and don’t be too intrusive.

One of the best ways to monetize your blog is to not think about monetizing at all (at least, during the first few months). This way you will be able to write about things that interest you without looking back at your audience all the time.

However, if you do want to start monetizing your blog right away, you have to keep these 8 reasons in mind and avoid doing these things as hard as possible. Instead, focus on improving your blog: on making your design plain and pleasant, on building connections with your audience and other bloggers, on writing unique and interesting content, on improving your writing style, building your presence in social media, and so on. A well-thought and well-made blog look nice to the readers, immediately catches their attention and creates a pleasant impression. Make it look good, and readers will come. And so eventually it’ll bring you the desired income if you continue to work hard and to improve it.

We wish you good luck with that and hope that you’ll become a successful blogger someday!

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