Unique Jewelry Ideas For Every Indian Groom

Unique Jewelry Ideas For Every Indian Groom

Indian weddings are a huge event full of beauty and richness, from their traditions to clothes. While jewelry is an essential part of every Indian wedding, the question is, should wedding couples add jewelry to their D-Day to look like a bride?

What To Choose?

The bride has a wide range of options from necklaces to nose rings, from earrings to bracelets to the waist. Even if you are not difficult to choose the best wedding jewelry as a gift for the occasion, don’t worry, because the groom is now ready to experiment with his appearance. And in this article, we will tell you about great jewelry gift tips that you can choose as the perfect gift for them.

Basic Options

You can get basic gold jewelry from the store as trendy silver jewelry online as a gift for your bride.


Now necklaces are not just for brides because even the groom can wear stylish and trendy necklaces to look good. From pearls to Kundan Malas to necklaces, you can play with colors and compare their sherwani with amazing necklaces. “Satlada Hair,” a layered necklace, is also specially designed for the bride with pearls and stones. You can also choose light and perfect chains if you want a little more. Silver necklaces are now a trend, while gold jewelry will give you an evergreen look. Add embellishments like a ruby ​​emerald to add more shine to your neckline.


Not only is it always a wedding ring, but a simple ring can also be a wonderful gift for a future groom who can wear it at will. It can be platinum or gold with a stone motif on the front, and now you can even get it online with various designs as a gift for the bride.


Although many believe that bracelets are not for wedding jewelry, you will not forget. It completes the area of ​​your wrist and adds substance to your appearance. A custom bracelet with any religious symbol, engraved names, or ethnic motifs will surely elevate the groom’s attire for D-Day.

Small Details

As well as the detailed work of the sherwani designer, you can’t forget these little events that will complement the big time of the bride’s wedding.


These little accessories will give your outfit more royal and drama. It is perfect for a wedding look. It can be gold, silver, vintage, or jewelry and only add lightness to the dress. Brooches and buttons contrast monochrome, and cufflinks are a modern but good choice.


Although few people know this, it is the perfect decoration for your bridesmaid’s pagri or head. Yes, you heard right. This small brooch-like ornament fits on the front and elevates the simple turban fabric to royal.

Now is The Time To Choose Your Favorites

While many focus on bridal and wedding gifts, this is the perfect choice for any wedding ceremony. If you have the right budget and want to do something different than the others, you can choose one of them and surprise the groom because it’s his special day.

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