How to Clean Windows From the Outside

Window cleaning from Outside

Natural light abundance is something nearly all homeowners-even renters-look for when moving into a new place. Large windows let light flood your rooms and promote a sense of balance between inside and outside, let you take in outside views, and can even make a small room seem bigger. Cleaning your windows regularly can help maximize natural light, but failing to do so will result in you not getting the most out of it.

It is common for windows to become stained over time with caked-on dirt, debris, watermarks, and fingerprints. Cleaning your windows regularly is the best way to restore them to their former glory. Here are some tips for cleaning windows both inside and out, so you can add this to your next cleaning list.

When Should You Clean Your Windows?

In reality, cleaning your windows won’t always be on your top priority list. However, the longer you go without a good wash, the more difficult it is to clean them properly. To get the best results, homeowners should thoroughly wash their exterior windows twice a year – possibly only once if they have screens. Cleaning interior windows every three to four months is also a good idea.

You may need to clean the exterior windows more often if your location experiences above-average rainfall, strong wind conditions, or high levels of pollen.

There are a few things you will need:

  • Vinegar that has been distilled
  • Dish soap
  • With a spray bottle
  • As well as a microfiber cloth
  • And squeegee
  • Streak-free glass cleaner
  • Old newspaper or brown paper

How to Clean Your Exterior Windows

Remove Screens Or Shutters

Prime Curtain Cleaning experts suggest that remove the screens from your window frame first if your window has them because they’re quite delicate and require special attention while cleaning. The most critical stage in cleaning exterior windows is appropriate preparation.

This necessitates having your supplies prepared and your windows open. This may need the removal of shutters as well.

Get your Cleaning solution Ready

The most common mistake homeowners make while washing their windows, is using improper materials. Many people wipe off windows with a store-bought glass cleaner, which appears to be a clever answer, but many glass cleaners are created with harsh chemicals like ammonia and petroleum.

According to cleaning experts, these chemicals can not only attract dust but can also eat through your window’s sealant and vinyl, compromising the window’s integrity. Furthermore, these chemicals might degrade the low-E coating on window glass, which helps to block harmful UV rays and improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Instead, in this case, less is more. The best solution is to make your dish soap and warm water mixture. You’re ready to start window cleaning with a bucket of that.

Wipe the Windows in the “Z” Shape

The newspaper method works just as well on exterior windows as it does on interior windows, but you might want to save it for the last swipe because the dirt on your exterior windows may be caked on thicker and take a little more elbow grease.

To remove caked-on filth, start with a standard washcloth and the cleaning solution, then finish with a swipe of dry newspaper in the same “Z” shape to avoid streaks or missed locations.

Squeegee Away Excess Water from Your Windows

Our experts all agree that the squeegee step should not be overlooked. Begin at an upper corner and draw a straight line down with the squeegee. If necessary, clean the squeegee’s blade with a lint-free towel in between strokes.

How to Remove Streaks from Windows

Here’s how to get rid of streaks if they occur. First, use a dry, lint-free microfiber cloth to buff it out. Sometimes a little elbow grease is all that’s needed to get rid of the remaining mark. If the streak persists, re-spray the area with the vinegar-water mixture, wipe it clean, then squeegee in a downward, clean motion. It is crucial to use a squeegee so you don’t end up with unattractive streaks on your clean windows.

Window cleaning is an important part of your home decoration. So, don’t take it as less priority. Clean windows from both inside and outside when cleaned give a very aesthetic look. They let fresh air into the room and prevent a bad smell to be around in the room. Keep your windows clean and fresh!

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