Chuwi releases 2in1 tablet UBook XPro, a new classic upgrade.

Recently, Chuwi launched a 2in1 tablet UBook XPro, which not only maintains the original excellent performance, portability, battery life, and classic U-shaped stand of UBook series, but also upgrades the screen to a 3:2 13 inch 2K IPS screen.

For a long time, the screen of notebook or tablet has been 16:9 as the mainstream. However, when the Microsoft Surface series was released, the 3:2 screen ratio redefines the screen ratio for productivity. So why does Microsoft promote a 3:2 screen ratio? 3:2 is actually close to the A4 standard paper ratio. It is like a book when you hold it in your hand, which is very useful for taking notes, reading e-books, and processing text applications such as Word and other text applications. It is suitable for various usage scenarios and will not look weird. 

2K Resolution | 3:2 Aspect Ratio | 4096 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity

The UBook XPro features a 13” IPS touchscreen on the front, with a high 2K (2160*1440) resolution on the 13” screen, providing delicate and sharp text and image details. The screen uses a 3:2 Aspect Ratio, in line with Microsoft’s Surface series, with more space in the vertical direction of the screen and more content display area to handle documents without frequent page-turning or sliding the mouse wheel designed to improve office productivity.

At the same time, this screen also supports touch and stylus, up to 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, which can bring a smooth and accurate user experience when making notes or drawing.

The tablet has a variety of forms for Various Scenarios

The UBook XPro is only 9.2mm thick and lightweight aluminum-magnesium alloy. The highlight of the design is the infinitely adjustable U-shaped stand, which can be adjusted to the most comfortable angle for different forms depending on the usage scenario.

The tablet form is suitable for browsing data or gaming entertainment. Adjusting the stand to the standing form makes it easy to watch videos or create with a stylus. It can even be connected to a magnetic keyboard to convert to notebook mode to enable efficient content input.

With its thin and light body and U-shaped bracket design, UBook XPro can be easily carried anywhere, and can be perfectly adapted to different scenarios for efficient use.

Speedy use

With the Intel i7-7Y75, the most powerful ultra-low voltage processor for notebooks, dual-core quad-threaded and 3.6GHz, the UBook XPro can easily handle daily office, and entertainment needs maintaining low power consumption and improving battery life.

With 8GB dual-channel memory and 256GB, SSD storage speeds up the daily experience with swift multitasking background and software response, significantly improving usage efficiency, and supports Windows 11 system upgrades.

For users who often have a variety of usage scenarios, UBook XPro is a very suitable choice, which can meet different needs in various scenarios, whether it is outdoor office, home entertainment, classroom learning, and can be used maximally and efficiently. At the same time, many features such as 2K resolution, 3:2 screen ratio, i7 processor and high-speed SSD also add a lot of practicality. UBook XPro is an excellent and balanced product among 2in1 tablet computers.

For more information about the UBook XPro, please visit Chuwi’s official site

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