Bong vs bubbler guide: what’s the difference?

For many people, bongo and cheap mini bubblers look good because they both use water to filter and cool and are usually made of glass. But what is really the difference between these two types of water pipes and why would anyone want to use each other? We are here to destroy everything.


Both water pipes: bong and cheap mini bubblers can be classified as water pipes, which also include hookah. The water in this special tube mixes with the smoke to filter out contaminants such as hot ash and also reduces the temperature of the smoke to a level that is comfortable for breathing. For all water pipes, the more bubbles produced, the smoother the stroke.

Percolators: There are different styles of percolators, but they all have the same job: to make as many cheap mini bubblers as possible. Because bongos are larger than foam and have more interior space, glassmakers can tap into their creativity when creating percs. Nowadays, it is common to find bong necklaces with three or more types of perches that can be used for maximum aeration. Bubblers, on the other hand, usually only have room for a very simple perch like a fuzzy sausage or sometimes none at all.

Recycling – Recycling is a great feature that should be had in a bongo or bubble because it forces the smoke to travel longer distances, essentially increasing the cooling time. These are just a few features designed to make strokes more comfortable, in addition to making them look good. Dab platforms and bongs with loops are common, but finding bubbles with loops can be rare, but they are there.

Softer impact: Bong and cheap mini bubblers rely on the strength of the water for a smooth and soothing effect that does not cause coughing. Extra filtration makes water pipes more comfortable for the lungs than joints or daily dry tubes (spoon, beater, etc.). The simple addition of water allows you to receive a giant blow and stay longer.

Carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are small holes that allow the user to control the flow of air with their fingers. Bubbles and hand pipes always have carbs, while bongos with removable slides are non -existent. Only bongos with non-removable cups should have carbs. The main advantage of having carbs is that the tube will be more portable because there are fewer sections.

Mini bong and grinder


Cup size: cheap mini bubblers usually have smaller and shallower cups due to their compact design. On the other hand, bongos can be more than four feet tall and can be used with deep or shallow bowls. You can also turn off an old cup or have a few cups on hand depending on the needs of the smoker. Cup size affects the maximum size of each stroke and the duration of the session. With smaller sizes, you’ll have to repack the cups more often, so it’s sometimes annoying if they are separated.

Level of difficulty of cleaning – Bong is known to be difficult to clean, especially if there are delicate internal features such as various percolators and ice traps that can crack or break a little. Remember that tree hangers and shower hangers are some of the best styles. Thanks to its simple features and design, glass bubbles are generally very easy to clean without causing damage. To clean the bong film or blister, simply fill it with isopropyl alcohol and salt, then shake it well (be careful not to shake the bong and damage it). For foam, use soaked cotton to remove dirt from hard -to -reach areas. Bong grass usually requires a few hours of soaking or a few pounding to clean properly.

Customization: Bongs are more customizable because they have different parts. Choose your favorite perch combination, add a new cup or ash trap to improve performance, and give your piece more visual appeal. Because water bubbles have no additional elements, the style and design you choose is the one you should follow.

Portability: cheap mini bubblers are most sought after for their unobtrusive design and portability. Take one with you on a camping trip, light it up on the beach, and stay just as easy. Grass bongs come in a variety of sizes, some are considered mini-bongs that are less than six inches in size, but are still larger than bubbles. In addition, many bongos require several pieces (e.g., cups), where the bubble is usually a solid glass. Less cuts means less worry if it breaks.

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